Android 1.5 Still Biggest Slice of Fragmentation Pie

The latest figures are in from the Android Developers blog showing the relative number of active devices using the various flavors of Android.  This is basically a chart that shows what handsets are currently active and looking for apps.  Somewhat surprisingly, Android 1.5 still commands the biggest piece of the pie with 37% of the market.  Second place is Android 2.1 with 32.4% share and 1.6 rounds things out at 29.4% of the handset mix.   Look for these numbers to drastically change now that the Droid Incredible is out and handsets start making the jump from 1.5 to 2.1 (Eclair).  Of course, things could start all over should 2.2 drop this summer.

  • Things won't be starting over with Froyo… most 1.5 handsets still will not be updated by the time Froyo is released. And then 2.1 handsets will start getting left behind…

  • Really not surprised. How many handsets these days are still being released with 1.5/1.6?

  • Jay

    I love my Android 1.6 device (T-mobile myTouch v1.2), but this to me is one of the biggest drawbacks of Android. We hear all these great features about the next version of the OS, or app Y needs 2.1 and up, etc., but if we want to upgrade to the latest and greatest do we really need to buy a new device? Does anyone know if the iPhone is the same way? If I have the first gen iPhone, can I run all the apps in the app store?

    • Julius

      I'd say you can't run any that require a compass. Whether there is validation around that I'm not sure although I expect there is.

    • David

      All iPhone's ever released as of today can still be updated to the latest version of iPhone OS (3.x) for free. So there is no fragmentation.

  • Thank HTC for Android fragmentation. I'm on the first Android phone in the US after the G1 and still waiting on 2.x 🙁

    • Tino

      Yeah, fu** HTC.

  • John Nash

    "Android 1.5 Still Biggest Slice of Fragmentation Pie" … and I want out!

  • Julius

    I'd be interested to see a breakdown of OS version by device model. Not sure if this is possible…

  • Kevin

    And that,, is why you should have tested on 1.5

  • I'm still on my 2-year tmo G1 agreement, as I assume many people are. Once November 2010 comes around, many original 2-year G1 contracts will end and upgrades will be edging up from their 1.5/1.6 environments.

  • John

    Nokia is still the worlds largest phone supplier, they have never upgraded the OS in their phones, thy have given firmware updates but never an upgrade OS, I believe the same is with the iPhone, and other phone suppliers, firmware updates yes but not an OS update or a new version of the OS, I think Google giving an OS upgrade from 1.5 or 1.6 to 2.1 and maybe 2.2 is great not many others do that.

    • roz

      All iPhones can run the current OS and got it for free via a software update on iTunes.

      With iPhone OS 4.0 the original 2G iPhone will be left behind and iPhone 3G while it will update will not be able to support all the new features because it has a slower CPU.

  • great post!! thanks for sharing :p