Samsung M910 Clears FCC, Confirms Moment 2 Details

Digging through the FCC has never been one of our favorite things to do as it’s generally too confusing for our liking.  However, we love to share the stuff found by others.  Such is the case with the Samsung M910 which was picked up by AndroidCentral.  So is the SPH-M910 going to be the Samsung Moment 2 we’ve previously heard about?  It’s highly likely.  Doing a little Photoshop magic, we see the drawing lines up perfectly with the picture from around one month agoCouple that with the screen grab below and we’re thinking the Moment 2 should be here momentarily.

  • Meee

    Realease day? Price? Multitouch? HD Video camera/ megapixels?

    • meiskam

      release date: July 11th
      camera: 4.92 megapixels
      screen: AMOLED 320 x 480 display

  • tony

    july of 2010.?

  • great post!! thanks for sharing :p

  • july 2010 ! yeah i cant wait for more info..

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