Cellular South Teases us With “True Game Changer”

Cellular South has thrown an image up on their site teasing customers with a new Android handset.  There’s no mention as to what’s in store, only that it will be a “true game changer”.  There’s a tiny piece of phone peeking out from under the red cloth, one that looks an aweful lot like HTC’s Incredible.

The Android revolution continues! Coming soon, you’ll have access to a whole new lineup of Android smartphones, with features that will change smartphones forever. One very special phone – a true game-changer – is coming very soon. Stay tuned to learn more.

As as we get word, we’ll share our findings with the rest of you guys!  Any guesses as to what might be in store?

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    • Brandon
      May 04, 23:04 Reply

      If your analysis is correct, then how will that be a "game changer"? The Droid's already been released; I'm using it right now.

  1. @mishkagreen
    May 04, 19:42 Reply

    It would be amazing if it were a fugly catastrophe! LOL! :-)

  2. mike
    May 05, 01:12 Reply

    The only thing exclusive to verizon is the name droid and the motorola version of android.seems every carrier haas an android of some flavor, the best one by far is of course the htc evo by Sprint

  3. critter42
    May 05, 05:22 Reply

    Could it be a Droid( more likely Milestone since Droid is VZ exclusively licensed from LucasArts) running MOTOBlur?

  4. micro sd
    May 05, 06:07 Reply

    This one is really a revolutionary product for us.This is look something different from other.

  5. chuck
    May 05, 04:51 Reply

    Wtf, the Droid already changed the game by getting android popular. What in the hell else can it do to change the game. And isn't it exclusive to Verizon?

  6. Mike
    May 06, 20:27 Reply

    Your analysis is flawed because I used to work for an ad agency so I know that there is no reason to think that that picture is really of the new device… It is probably not even a real picture just a collage made on photoshop.

    • jason
      May 09, 23:13 Reply

      I agree, Its just a pic. Hopefully cellular south will carry the htc desire. I will definitely get this phone if this is the phone.

  7. khay
    July 13, 17:48 Reply

    great post!! thanks for sharing :p

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