November 1, 2014

Dropbox App Hits Android Market

Our friends at Androinica are reporting that the official Dropbox app has come out of beta and has been uploaded to the market for the syncing use of the masses!  Dropbox is a service that allows users to sync content between multiple devices and multiple platforms remotely.  The app offers up to 2GB of cloud storage for your files and media.  If you need more than that, of course the company will sell you the space at a monthly premium.

A cool feature is that a user can edit documents from within the application itself, with the changes you make being reflected across all the different devices that the document is synced with.  Not a new idea of course, but there seems to be good feedback about this service.  Some other features include:

  • Upload from a device to your Dropbox
  • Download files from your Dropbox
  • Share links of your files to different people
  • Ability to auto upload images as you take them
  • Search your dropbox

Use the barcode below to download the app to your Android handset.