Adobe AIR and Flash Running “Flawlessly” on Prototype Android Tablet [VIDEO]


So apparently Adobe is showing off a prototype Android tablet of some kind at the Web 2.0 Expo.  Said tablet happens to play Adobe AIR applications and Adobe flash videos without problem.  The picture to the left is a prototype tablet snapped by an image from  There are no specs on the tablet itself, but the article talks about the tablet being able to play Wired’s Air Magazine app, and some flash based YouTube videos very well.

Along with the above awesomeness, the article is also claiming that the tablet has multi-touch, although there is no video of that feature.  Who the heck MAKES this thing?  Sign me up for one!  Catch some short videos after the break to watch the tablet in action!




  1. Flash is also running as a phone and Palm One Pre Nexus is now done, the Web 2.0 Expo, Adobe is also a prototype Tablet Android a sort of hand, according Zedomax is Flash and Air apps "correctly." Unfortunately, it seems that all the details of any same compressed.

  2. Now that Android devices are more ubiquitous than Apple phones and tablets, will Apple finally buckle and support flash? I believe Apple’s original argument was that flash is a resource hog, but now devices are fast enough that that’s a non-issue. It seems that flash is one of Android’s biggest advantages over Apple, so it’s kind of surprising that Apple continues to be stubborn about it.