ARCHOS 7 Announced, First Large Screen Android Tablet Under $200

Today find Archos formerly announcing their ARCHOS 7 home tablet which aims to bridge the gap between smart phone and desktop computers. With its 7-inch touch screen (800×480) and sleek form factor, the tablet connects via WiFi hotspots and provides access to the Internet. Stay in touch with your Facebook friends and twitter followers, check email, or browse the web.

Other features include HD video playback, USB connection for transferring files, an MP3 player, and 8GB of storage. Archos claims the device can provide seven hours of video playback or 44 hours of music from one single charge.

The ARCHOS 7 home tablet comes preloaded with select Android apps including eBuddy, Aldiko, and DailyPaper. Archos’ own AppsLib is also installed allowing for users to customize their tablet with even more applications.

Look for the tablet next month for $199.99 SRP through selected retailers. If you’d like to pre-order one, head to now!

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  • Terry

    It's good enough for 200$ Even if it's on android 1.6 look at the price difference to other tablets

  • Andrex

    Don't know if want. I like the aesthetic changes to the top bar, but I don't know about the chrome around the screen…

  • Phil

    Awesome!! But I couldn't wait for Archos to be the "first" to give us an Android tablet under $200. I went ahead and ordered another brand from China… not under $200, but under $100 instead!! If my math is correct, this should qualify as both the first under $200 and 'under $100' as well. Though it could be argued that it doesn't qualify since it's not sold in American stores yet, it's still highly sold on ebay… which is where many of us shop anyway.

    Somehow Archos' news doesn't sound all that exciting any more.

    • name

      where can i find this sub $100 device.

  • scott

    I wonder what version of android they are running and if it upgrade to newest soon? I like to have flash support of 10.1

  • Kainoah

    I saw that UI on the archos 5 tablet, it comes with 1.6 by the way, pretty crappy, don't know when it will be upgrades, this looks pretty good for 200 but still I'm gonna wait

  • theweakend

    I think I'll wait until reviews for come in

  • Bruce

    This is not a "large screen tablet." This is a large screen PMP, or a tablet with a very small screen. Wake me up when there is an Android tablet with at least 1024 x 600 resolution. That's what it takes to make a decent netbook, or a decent tablet.

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