Clearwire Expecting WiMAX-capable Samsung Phone in 2010

At one point during Clearwire’s first quarter earnings call yesterday the topic of WiMAX-capable phones came up. It was mentioned that both Samsung and HTC were expected to release handsets capable of supporting the new 4G service. 

The Company also expects to launch two WiMAX smartphones by the end of 2010. From Samsung, an Android-based 3G/4G/WiFi device optimized for heavy video and video communications use, and a 3G/4G/WiFi enabled phone from HTC. – press release

According to Engadget, Clearwire specifically said that the HTC phone would not be the EVO 4G. Taking that into consideration, it sounds like it may be a Windows Phone 7 handset. It wouldn’t make sense to only mention the operating system to one of them.