Will Google Latitude be a Foursquare Killer?

Check this out.  Google Latitude has three times the number of active users as Foursquare.  Crazy, right?  In fact, Latitude has grown 30 percent per month since 2010 started and sits at three million active users.  On top of that, another five million people have signed up, but aren’t using it.  That’s eight million people running around sharing locations!

Speaking at today’s Web 2.0 Expo, Google’s Steve Lee hinted at a possible “check-in” service for the location-awareness app.  If you ask us, this seems entirely too logical to not happen.  They have the market cornered when it comes to knowing where places are located.  Plus, they have a a big enough name to step in and take out the competition. How nice would it be to see turn-by-turn directions to guide you to the coffee shop where your friend literally just checked in?  Integrating Buzz into Latitude would make a bunch of sense but we don’t see them merging any time soon.

It wouldn’t surprise us a bit if Google announced something at Google I/O later this month.

Source: TechCrunch

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  • I am currently (as many others are) using both. If I had to choose though, it would be Latitude for sure. I think one of it's strong points is how easy and specific the privacy settings are. Plus I like being able to see my family and friends on map and click their face to call, chat, text, or navigate to. The location alerts and history are nice features too. Latitude is a win for sure.
    An integration of the two would be nice, but I've said that before…

  • Counsel

    Do we really need to know where someone is all the time? Part if my problem is similar to Twitter-all the thieves have to do is follow your messages/locations to know when to hit your house!

    What is wrong with calling or texting your friends/family to find out what they are doing and where the are (going)?

    • Julius

      Sounds like you need a location aware burglar alarm. 😀

  • Yes the biggest risk for Foursquare is Google Latitude.I will always go for Google Latitude.Personally, I think Google Latitude has more potential, strictly because it is map-based. The map interactivity is huge.

  • Urban

    “Sounds like you need a location aware burglar alarm”

    Well, Julius, I think you were joking, because that wouldn’t solve the problem. In the best of cases the police/others would need several minutes to get to the place. In just a few minutes you will loose lots of valuable belongings.
    Alarm is good, but not a solution. It only puts stress on the burglars to hurry up. It can even be that they get more careless and destroy your belongings…

  • Connections

    Latitude has more users, but 75% of them have 0 contacts.