Download This!: Twitoc

Twitoc is one of those apps that you see and then ask yourself why you haven’t seen it before.  It’s based around twitter but in a more simplistic manner than we’ve seen before.   It’s not here to compete with Twitter, Seesmic, or Twidroid.  Rather, it’s here to complement them and make posting easier.  Designed for Android 2.1 (and above), Twitoc really has but one purpose – act as a voice input for your tweets.

The widget sits nicely on the home-screen and at the click of a button you are instantly speaking a tweet. You then will have a chance to review what you spoke before you click send. It uses Google Voice Recognition and therefore will require a good connection for the voice recognition in addition to uploading the tweet. This app is designed not only for easy and speedy tweeting, but also as a safety feature for those who like to tweet and and drive. It works perfectly whether you choose to use a car dock or even just a regular wired headset, Twitoc is there to ensure your safety and tweetability at all times.

The next time you find yourself driving down the street and wanting to tweet something profound, reach for the Twitoc widget.  Watch how much easier it is to tell your followers about that book you’re reading.

We’ve played with Twitoc a little bit already and so far it has been amazingly accurate.  It takes full advantage of Android 2.1’s capabilities and cuts your actual tweeting time in half.  If you have a phone running 2.1 (Eclair), download Twitoc.  Regardless of your preferred twitter app, this one deserves to be on your phone.

And as if you needed another reason to tune in, Twitoc was unveiled on our Thursday night edition of our weekly podcasts!  We had the Canadian duo of  Greg Carron (@pixeladdikt) and our own Matthew Patience.

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  • Cjay

    its widget is big and clunky and you can aready do this with the official twitter app for android

  • cjay: ya man u can voice input into any 2.1 twitter app – i thought i'd make it quicker by having a 1 touch widget on my homescreen – and that's all it does – it's not a full twitter client – not supposed to be

  • mark

    i really i like the idea but if it bogs down my phone, i'm losing interest. any idea of the size?

  • Eric

    Amazing app, for sure, but can you seriously advocate tweeting and driving? Enacting the app, spaeaking your tweet, checking the screen for accuracy, oops I need to speak it again or edit it, and then pressing send – doesn't sound like a safe activity in heavy traffic or in any traffic for that matter.

  • nice info. thank you for sharing. like this :p

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