Sprint Employees Begin EVO 4G Training; Screenshots a Plenty

AndroidGuys has been privileged to receive a plethora of screenshots showing Sprint‘s EVO 4G training materials. According to our source, today’s the day that Sprint employees are beginning to train on the new WiMAX phone. Rumors have the phone pegged for a June 6th launch. With employees already training, that date not only looks possible, but very likely. However, I was unable to get a release date confirmation. For all we know, Sprint may decide to launch the device next week at their event in New York City. I will, personally, be attending the event to keep you all up-to-date on the latest happenings (and to see Prince of Persia, of course).

Unlike the leaked promotional stuff from Radio Shack, this stuff is from actual training material. Yes, the device will come pre-loaded with Sprint specific apps. From the language of the materials, it seems that the EVO 4G will require special rate plans. This especially applies for use of the phone’s mobile hotspot functionality.

Interestingly, you’ll see that Sprint Navigation is present on the device. It’s unclear what this means for Google Maps Navigation. Let’s hope that both are there and Sprint didn’t decide to go all AT&T on us and strip out native Android apps. More information as it comes.


  • Hotspot feature will support WEP and WPA encryption
  • FM radio is a go


  • Google Navigation and Sprint Navigation are both present
  • Reset and recovery menus are navigated with volume rocker (good to know if you’re a modder)

Check out the snaps below…

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  • SCB

    Freakin' awesome!!!!

  • LipGloss712

    Aaahh I can't wait!

    • Scottwyp

      I know, I saw the HTC Incredble at Verizon and its cool but EVO will be better

  • Sean

    Sprint better not eff this one up!!!

  • Kevin

    OK. Does the FM radio broadcast FM (like to your playlist to your car stereo) and or receive FM from the air waves?

    • It's an FM radio receiver like the one in some other HTC models… Jut for listening to the radio.

      I've never seen a phone that broadcasts FM, The problem is that this wouldn't be very parctical since it'd kill the battery in minutes…. If you want something like that you can buy a battery powered accessories to does that.

      • xtreme571

        actually Sprint had offered a phone in the past LG Fusic which had FM transmitter, and it worked pretty good for a built in FM Transmitter.

  • Postah

    Source here: It's only an FM reciever. No FM broadcasting seems to be present.

  • going_home

    Uh oh. Possible huge deal killer. New price plans for the phone ? What happened to the $69.99 unlimited everything ? Are they about to shoot themselves in the foot by charging more because the phone is WiMax ? If they do I'll stick with T-Mobile ! 😀

    • Informed

      New "Hotspot" plans, many-many folks have said numerous times, 4G will not be extra when NOT using the Hotspot. Sprints Dan Hesse made that clear during a live broadcast at CTIA.

      • Scott Spillers

        But take a look at slides Evo4 & Evo5. Evo5 talks about Mobile Hotspot add on options. But Evo4 says that the Evo requires a special plan designed for the Evo. It sounds like the prices are going up.

        • From what I hear, the EVO 4G will run on the standard $69.99 plan, but if you wanna take advantage of the 4G capabilities, I think there will be some sort of premium. Rumors have it at $10 a month, but I've yet to hear anything concrete on the matter.

        • Mike

          I think that is just the technical talk they use for all of their smart phones. Its just saying you have to have it with a data plan. As far as the 4g costing extra I don’t think that will happen. Because the coverage is so limited you won’t be charged anything extra for using 4g.

    • MRG

      I agree with Mike. Also, I don't think they are going to charge anything extra…when 3g came along no extra charges were added.

      • Joe

        That why I will wait until there is 4G coverage in my area before i make the switch

  • zjb2000

    If this so called "new plan for the EVO 4G" costs any more then they already charge, they are effing it up and i will not only NOT buy this phone but I will also leave Sprint because they will surely go down in flames. But I know they are smarter then that so I have nothing to worry about… right?

  • justin

    @ HTC,

    Please add a radio app with a record feature.
    Many a time I’ve been listening to live interviews and wanted to listen to them again or just play it back to someone else.

    Maybe implement a record master like on a PC.

    Thank you!



  • Alex Again…

    screw OBAMA

  • nice info. thank you for sharing. like this :p

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