• Rose

    I just switched to the 450 everything plan so I should be good right?

    • Davie

      According to this webshot, no, because the 450 everything is made for all existing Sprint phones. And this specifically states that you muse have a plane the is "designed for the HTC EVO 4G".

  • staf

    If my everything data family isn't good enough for this phone, I will have to move to att and get then1 or wait for t-mobile to get the galaxy S cause I'm not playing sprint's game and having to get a special plan just to own a phone.

  • Dave

    Been with Sprint for a while. I would guess that the "designed for the HTC EVO 4G" plan means a simply everything plan. It wouldn't make much sense to get everyone who is already on a smart phone plan to switch to a plan specific to one phone. Mobile hotspot and tethering should definitely be extra. I wish people would stop spreading rumors about having to switch plans in order to get this phone. Lets assume it will be a "Simply Everything Plan" and pass judgment later.

    • sprintuser

      Well according to this webshot sprint is the one spreading these rumors. Under new customers it says must be provisioned on 1 OF THE BUNDLE PLANS DESIGNED FOR HTC EVO 4G. It doesn't say simply everything plan anywhere. For current customers "that means you " it says must rate plan swap to 1 of the bundle plans design for the sprint evo 4g. The simply everything plan was not designed for the htc evo 4g. Why would sprint need to design a plan for a new phone if the plans already exist. So if this webshot is legit then you should assume your going to have to pay more money if you want this phone.

  • kevin

    i just spoke to sprint csr, and she advised me no current sprint plans include 4g service. so that means all current sprint plans exclude using htc evo. furthermore, according to this, you must purchase a plan proprietary to the HTC EVO. So if you are a current customer, no matter what plan you have, you will still have to change to one of the new "SPRINT HTC EVO" PLANS. i was hoping this wouldnt happen. hopefully the costs arent too different from current plans.

  • mike

    to be sure,you can probably expect atleast a $10 (maybe even $20)premium in your plan increase,simply because of the 4g capability,whether you live in a 4g enabled area or not.that extra speed does come at a cost,and building out a whole new network has to be funded somehow.
    my big question is this:,since there is a front facing camera,presumably video calls will soon start happening.does that mean that like att,sprints 4g phones will be able to do voice and data at the same time?

    • jcc

      thats silly that we should EXPECT to pay more. proof: with my 3g data card the plans are exactly the same for my upgraded 4g data card… so why should the phone be any different????

  • http://ppcgeeks.com 99accordv6

    I just think that its just a soc add on to your current everything plan[s]. Or it will be a totally new plan like the 3g/4g aircards. Current customers pay 59.99 for only 3g access but when you get the Overdrive or 3g/4g aircard then you will be switched over to a plan that is 4g enabled.

    I am down for paying a little more money just to get the Evo. After all, it WILL be cheaper than another carrier 😀

  • gmy

    additional $9.99/m
    mobile hotspot $30/m

  • cckface

    you have to add $10 to what ever everything plan you get

  • formersprintuser

    After trying to get an EVO for months, I was finally able to get one from Best Buy. It really is amazing that the sprint commercials don’t point out that the 4G network is not available in many areas and that the 10 premium to use it is still charged monthly. Of course that would mean being completely honest with their customers and therefore hurt their business. It doesn’t matter that even when you call the support center to talk to them about the phone all they can say is that the extra charge is mandatory to have a 4G phone and if the charge is removed, the phone will not work. I want to know who has designed a phone that links back to an accounts receivable system as this technology would truly be worth some money as it could be used across all software…Immediately shutoff the software if the bill is not paid. To my knowledge turning off someone’s ability to make a living is illegal and therefore would be a class action lawsuit. Many businesses right or wrong have adopted technology to run their business as Sprint advertises.

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