1. Alexander
    May 10, 07:32 Reply

    shame! verizon is offering mobile hotspot for free!

    • guest
      May 11, 23:56 Reply

      verizon isn't offering a 4G mobile hotspot for free and it doesn't look like Sprint will be either.

  2. boriqua2000
    May 10, 09:17 Reply

    it's just business.if they give you this feature for free why would you need a sprint overdrive?

  3. @bigwallace
    May 10, 06:20 Reply

    This worries me. I am worried that this is less Sprint controlling the flow of information, and more Sprint not wanting people to get sticker shock and change their mind. They are probably hoping that when the phone comes out, we've already sold our old phones and have no choice but to pay extortion. If they charge more than 10$ a month for hotspot.. I foresee people rooting the device and cheating.

  4. BPad
    May 12, 00:34 Reply

    I hope that Sprint will have an option of having the 4G service since it sounds like 4G will be extra to have. I hope I don't have to pay more for something that my area doesn't even have. I really want this phone but if it's more per month than what I'm paying now then I don't think I will be getting this phone. First the N1 news and now this. It's like Sprint wants to keep losing customers. What a shame.

    • MovD
      May 12, 13:48 Reply

      What I understand is that the 4g for phone and data use within the phone will not cost extra. Its only the mobile hotspot that will cost extra. The beauty of EVO is that it will work on 3g and 4g networks.

  5. gmy
    May 13, 15:07 Reply

    additional $9.99/m
    mobile hotspot $30/m

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