T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide Unboxing

Check out some of the pictures below which come courtesy of The Droid Sector.  This marks the first time we get to see what the retail box and accompanying accessories look like.  It’s obvious that T-Mobile cares about this handset and has taken great care in designing the packaging.  It’s no Louis Vutton luxury box, but still…  Be sure to head to the Droid Sector for the full gallery!

Thanks Anthony!

  • Vinnie

    Yawn… Another low-powered, outdated, uninteresting t-mobile android device that will NEVER be lusted after… People in Bellevue must be smoking some powerful stuff to think that this sorry excuse for a smartphone will actually attract any hardcore android fans… Maybe T-mobile ought to announce the Nokia 1108 and the Treo 650 as its flagship devices…