ZumoDrive Connects Android Users to Their Content from Anywhere

Zumodrive, providers of a unique cloud-based file access system, announced the release of their Android application earlier this week. For those unfamiliar, ZumoDrive creates virtual drives on your devices which can then access cloud-stored files as if they were installed locally. Users can stream music playlists and view photos that are stored elsewhere, rather than just doing a file sync. This goes for the Android application as well; Using your handset, you can play songs directly from your music folder, regardless of how big or small the capacity is on your phone.

Features of the Android app include:

  • Video streaming from ZumoDrive directly to the device in MP4, H.264 format
  • Music playback of all songs
  • Music organized by artist, albums, and even playlists created on other devices
  • Ability to stream music in the background
  • Ability to listen to music over both 3G or EDGE networks
  • Access to photo albums saved in ZumoDrive
  • Easy document access and viewing for Microsoft Office documents and PDF files
  • Ability to easily share files from ZumoDrive with anyone

ZumoDrive provides 2GB of free storage to all users however, they offer a variety of other solutions ranging up to 500GB.

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  1. acekard
    May 10, 05:12 Reply

    This app sounds nice and helpful!
    I will check this soon but can I us this with iPhone 3G ?

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