Android Edges Apple for Smart Phone Market Share (US)

The Android train keeps gathering steam as evidenced by the latest report from The NPD Group. According to their estimates, Android has eclipsed Apple for second place in the United States in market share, behind Research in Motion. Android sits at a 28 percent share while RIM commands 36 percent. Apple trails in third with 21 percent.

Things will get interesting with the release of several new Android super phones this summer in addition to a new iPhone.  Blackberry 6 is due out before long, promising to breathe new life into RIM as well.  Let’s not discount Windows Mobile either.  They could come along and shake things up a bit, too.

Head here to read the entire press release.

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  • Chris

    Let the fanboi wars begin!

  • Darkseider

    Did you even read the article? It hasn't surpassed the iPhone for U.S. market share. What it has done is outsell Apple by 7% in Q1/2010. The iPhone, unfortunately, still has the greater share in the U.S. compared to Android. It is only a matter of time before Android does surpass Apple but that won't be for at least 2 years due to Apple's already huge U.S. installed base.

    • Rawbz

      @Darkseider stfu, Android Will Dominate all competition in way less than "2 years" loser. #TeamAndroid #FuckApple

  • Julius

    I imagine potential iPhone purchasers are waiting for the next version to come out too. (ie. not a beer garden release – although it would make a different location cf. the standard presentation – maybe the Nexus 2 could be released in a beer garden)

  • MrWhite

    We all know this to be completely un true now base on Neilson's survey done, Apple is still WAY ahead of Androind, it only having 9% total marketshare, Apple and RIM are safe for some time.