Archos 7 Inch Android Tablet To Launch in June

Archos already came out with a 5-inch Android device last fall, but it’s clearly hoping to make some waves with its 7-inch, more tablet-y model which is coming out this June.   It will sell for $199.99.  The Archos device will feature a 600MHz ARM 9 processor (Am I the only one who wishes it was 1Ghz?), Wi-Fi, a USB port, and enough battery life for seven hours of video.  That means 44 hours of music playback people!

For me, the most intriguing feature of the Archos 7  has to be the fact that it is only running Android 1.6.  That’s right, Android 1.6!  I just don’t know why manufacturers continue to use outdated software. Oh well, I guess you get what you pay for.

Users will also not have access to the 50,000-plus apps on the Android Marketplace. Instead, you’ll have to settle for the custom apps on Archos’ own AppLibs storefront. Let’s at least hope, these are decent.

Finally, the 7 Home Tablet’s 800-by-480 touchscreen only uses resistive technology, which registers taps when the user presses layers of plastic together.  Overall, this type of screen is good for a stylus, but not so good for a fingertip.  I would also like to mention that most Android phones, the iPhone, and the iPad all use capacitive touch screens.   I would assume they chose this screen to keep the price down.

Overall, I am not too sure about this device.  I doubt I will purchase it.  What do you folks think? Let us know in the comments.

Source: CNET

  • No.

  • This article is very uninformative in many ways and I would like to point a few things.

    1. Google still haven't approved any tablet to include the Android Market, I believe they want to do some changes before jumping into the tablet market.

    2. Resistive screen is to keep the price low. A 7inch capacitive screen is way more expensive I bet than a resistive one.

    3. CPU, again, this is a cheap tablet. If you go to their website they mention they will release tablets with ARM Cortex up to 1Ghz (aimed to a different kind of people). Even if you make add 1Ghz ARM9 it still will be slow.

    4. You forgot to mention the price. You compared the tablet to an iPad but you can get this one for $199, pretty amazing if you ask me.

  • doom

    This tablet is 200 dollars. That is just about the cheapest tablet you could ever purchase, and for the cheapest tablet ever made, I consider it a pretty decent deal. Sure the android marketplace would be a huge bonus, and 2.1 would make it all the better, but still for 200 bucks you cant complain too much. Resistive is obviously not ideal, but its surprisingly responsive. This is like the netbook of tablets: smaller, cheaper but a good deal. I wont buy one but its almost tempting since its so cheap.

  • This article is very uninformative in many ways. Its good to see that finally this Archos device will be for sale and will not remain on brochures only. This could be a super device if Archos can deliver at this cost, it is the same price as the Smart Q devices which came out months ago.

  • Android Marketplace can most likely be hacked unofficially onto it.

    7" capacitive doesn't even exist yet.

    Archos is making an ARM Cortex one but it probably won't be that cheap.

  • Remon

    So far the comments all make apologies for the device based upon price, but those arguments just don’t cut it for me. There is a line where the functionality has been sufficiently compromised in the interest of keeping the price down that the package become unattractive to me, and this Archos device has crossed that line. That’s a personal opinion, though, and others may be willing to take that compromise. But my guess is that few will be happy with it after using it for a short while.

  • Destry

    I'd buy it if it had the iPad $30 3g data plan.

  • Well, we bought one for the company to begin development of our Intranet site on a tablet. Analysis: it sucks. I am trying to find reasons not to pitch a screaming fit and return it. I mean, the screen is terribly difficult to use, it locks up regularly, the AppLib is crappy, the wireless stops working at times, and has to be restarted, the browser won't send proper headers to our IIS server (it's secure)…on and on and on…

    $200….not worth $50….but I haven't thrown in the towel just yet.

  • James

    As soon as these get capacitive touchscreens – hopefully by this end of july – screw over rated ipod touch – im all over these babes!

    • Dudette

      Amen to that

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