Dolphin Browser HD: Browsing Made Wonderful


The Android browser war got a little bit more interesting over the weekend with the release of Dolphin Browser HD.  Building on the previous version (2.5), Dolphin adds a host of new features, including add-ons, multi-touch, and tabbed browsing.  Be sure to click here for a full list of features.  Dolphin Browser has made quite a name for itself since its initial release.  With over 250,000 downloads from the Android Market, the application boasts an impressive 4.28 average rating.  One thing to bear in mind with the new Dolphin Browser HD is that it requires Android 2.0 or higher.  Mozilla definitely has their work cut out for them if they hope to pull Dolphin fans away with Fennec.

(Video after the jump)

Thanks for the tip, Brad!


  1. I can't find it in the market. I can find normal Dolphin Browser, but it's nothing like the one shown in the video (in terms of UI anyway) I even looked at the full list of the developer's apps, and it wasn't there! Any ideas? (I'm in the Uk, could be regional I suppose?)

  2. I have been using Dolphin for a while and I really like all of it's features. Yeah it has it's "issues" but what piece of software doesn't. I haven't checked out Dolphin HD yet but I will have to give it a look. Thanks for the review.