Motorola is “Flipping Out” with Their New Android Handset

The square form-factored device pictured to the left is reportedly the new Motorola Android 2.1 handset called the “Flipout”.  It is being reported over at MobileCrunch that the Flipout is coming to the US in June  and will launch with three different color schemes.  The OS is said to be a new MotoBlur UI on top of Android 2.1.

The reported specs of the phone are as follows:

  • 3.1 MP camera
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • 2.8 “display
  • 512 ROM
  • 256 MB RAM
  • GPS
  • 700 MHz processor

While I am not a huge fan of the square phone design, it does go to show Motorola’s continuing efforts to differentiate.  Being that this is an Android 2.1 device, perhaps Motorola is ready to start rolling the update out to previous handsets

There is no word as to which carrier will pick the Flipout up or at what price point it will have associated with it.  Speculation is AT&T, but we shall see.  This device looks to be aimed at a Sidekick crowd,with something that’s easy to fit in the pocket with the power of Android behind it.  Look for more details on the Flipout as they become available.

  • Gezzy

    Will I feel like the cliq should be the first motoblur phone to get the 2.1 up date atleast befor this phone comes out if not I will be sending my phone back and getting a mt3gslide

  • Sorcerordroid

    I love the design but the majority of the specs are seriously lacking

  • Ken

    I agree with Gezzy. If those of us who own cliqs and have been waiting since november for the 2.1 update arent hooked up before this phone is released, Im going to be seriously pissed off.

  • Vinny the Lips

    @ken and Gezzy…bad news…t-mobile doesn't give a **** about us. The very first Android phone the G1 isn't even getting 2.1 goodness. Yes, Moto has promised us an update, but that doesn't mean that t-mo has to release it…or will release it for that matter. Personally, I'm outraged that Moto would even leak a new device running Blur and 2.1 together before leaking some screens of the Cliq running it. F your new device that is just the Cliq internal hardware and moto software in a different shell e.g. Backflip, Cliq XT, Devour. Stop releasing the same phone over and over again and update the one you've got out.
    Meanwhile, t-mo is afraid to release the update because the majority of their customers need a wifi connection to upgrade because they don't have 3g coverage. God forbid their customers realize just how much they are being screwed for a so-called better deal on service.

    Back to my main point, t-mo doesn't give a **** about us, so don't hold your breath for anything. I love my cliq, but it desperately needs an update…specifically the screen responsiveness needs some serious tweaking. and lately my Blur has been showing news feed messages and facebook messages in their respective widgets even after I have read them.

    As I have said directly in the t-mo forum, get your s**t together t-mo!
    And I would like to add Moto to that list.

    Absolutely ridiculous!

  • Ghost

    Again AndroidGuys this site is better sorry it just is

    • Tmo

      Uh, their source for their article is *this* article.

  • Hey look! It's the Nokia Twist!

  • Needless to say, I am done with Moto..the Cliq isn't cutting it..I'm ready for some Project Emerald

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