New York Times Android App Now Available in Android Market

After many months of rumors (and prayers by some, including my wife), the New York Times has finally launched an application for the Android OS.  It is now live and available for download in the Android Market.

If you have seen the New York Times iPhone app, the Android app is almost a straight port.  It has a classy, simple interface, featuring a black and white color scheme.  The app is very full featured (thankfully) and included photos, sharing options, and even videos! It is a very good app for a 1.0. Users even get the ability to cache articles offline!

Check it out over on the market (if you like the New York Times that is!).   Let us know what you think.  I am sure a full review is coming soon.

Source: Androlib and Androinica

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  1. Droidlady
    May 11, 03:17 Reply

    Thanks for the tip/heads-up from a news junkie. Down loaded it for my Droid.

  2. Janne
    May 11, 03:18 Reply

    The extensive permissions it asks for are a bit unsettling though; why would it need permission to make calls on your behalf for instance?

    • JoeDan
      May 12, 11:56 Reply

      Usually that's just because of the fact that if a phone number shows up on a page, it allows you to click on it to make a call. There's no need to get too worried about stuff like that… Asking for your permissions doesn't mean the app goes crazy and does all those things without you knowing about it!

  3. Kyle
    May 11, 13:05 Reply

    I can't see it in the market on my Hero.

  4. Ragflan
    May 12, 05:16 Reply

    I really like how they made it more Android-like. The interface I mean. I think developers should learn a thing or two about that. Instead of blindly porting from platform to platform, do a proper job and your customers would gladly pay what you charge for an app.

    To the people that cannot find the app, I had the same problem. I was searching for New York Times but it did not show up. I searched for NYT and it came up. Hope that helps.

  5. anna
    June 02, 16:59 Reply

    How come there is no option to update all sections at once? This would be very useful to have, especially before riding the subway….

  6. doel
    July 13, 17:18 Reply

    nice info. thank you for sharing. like this :p

  7. Frank
    June 27, 04:38 Reply

    I already had this app.  it stopped working on my HTC Wildfire.  Cannot reinstall it.  
    Error message says content filter on my device will not permit.  Crazy.

  8. Andrew
    January 22, 23:15 Reply

    There’s now a lot better version on the market that allows unlimited offline reading of NYTimes articles for free: New York Times Free ( 
    It’s really fast and smooth. 

    It’s not an official application, I guess. But it’s much better than the official one.

    • Andrew
      January 22, 23:16 Reply

      Sorry, the URL is

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