Is This Android 2.2? Sure Seems Like It

On Twitter, our buddy @pixeladdikt has led us to something exciting. Below, is what we now believe to be a picture of the Android 2.2 (Froyo) home screen. The image was captured from the last second of a video posted on Adobe employee, Ryan Stewart’s blog. The video shows off Android’s Flash 10.1 capabilities. The content shown happens to run pretty flawlessly. I can’t lie–I’m impressed.

From the little glimpse we’ve been privy to, it seems that Froyo will have an updated launcher. Not only will it allow you to launch your app list, but it will also let you launch your phone dialer, or your browser. In addition, it seems that the search icon has been given a small upgrade. If you look closely, you’ll see a small arrow under the Google icon. It’s possible that the widget will now allow you to select from a list of search engines. That, or perhaps it will let you select which parts of your phone to search; we’ll have to just wait and find out. There’s also a little Android on the screen that seems to teach you how to use the operating system. This could prove to be very useful for those who are new to the platform.

Excitement continues to mount as Google I/O approaches. Keep up with AndroidGuys for the latest information. Our very own Scott Webster will be there live to keep us up to date with all of Google’s Android related announcements.


  • Jeff

    if it is, I wish it would support the landscape home screens. I certainly like the phone/web launcher though… what a nice use of wasted space from 2.1!

    • Rene

      I like it too. To make use of that space right now I use and enjoy the Helix home screen replacement.

  • You guys forgot about 270 degree rotation and the little "Andy the Android guy" giving a tutorial on how to use Android =)

    Great detective work to Greg by the way. I discovered this too while watching the vid and nearly fell out of my seat! =D

    Sometimes I think I may have a problem… LOL

  • Oh no! A "Clippy" wannabe! Soo last century.

  • JohnPA2006

    Just tell me they finally added VOICE DIAL OVER BLUETOOTH.
    Otherwise is just more fluff.
    Phone is already solid, just perfect it by adding

    • glazette


  • Wales

    All the flash sites in the video already work fine on my HTC Desire.

  • good job, keep spirit!!

  • just try the new android in my spica.. Cool..

  • nice one.. cool..

  • nice info. thank you for sharing. like this :p