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Over at Mark’s Daily Apple, a health and fitness related site,  in their “Weekend Link Love”  they reported there was an Android app for their site. Developed by MotherApp, it looks to be a simple way to get all the major news off the site in an easy to navigate application. For those who don’t know, a primal diet or paleo diet basically boils down to eliminating man made foods from your diet and Mark’s Daily Apple is THE place to go and get educated on it. People who have watched Food Inc. will “get”  it.

I adopted the way in November of 2009 and have dropped 50 pounds and have constant energy compared to the standard American diet. If you are a foodie then install and read, if you are a fitness junkie it’s worth a read also. I should note you need to consult your physician before changing your eating plan.

The first time you load it it takes a few seconds but appears to speed up on subsequent uses.   Once it’s loaded you get a nice clean look at major posts on the MDA site. There are quick links to videos posted to Youtube, Mark’s Tweets on Twitter, The basic Primal lowdown, and your favorites.

Clicking a post pulls up the article in a mobile friendly format, pressing the Menu key gives the option to “Favorite” the article. Due to the type information presented here adding articles as favorites is handy for quick reference.  Clicking a Youtube video directs you to your default method of viewing.  Clicking the Twitter icon loads the @Mark_Sisson timeline and allows you to follow links to the full blown article if you choose.

In essence it is the website boiled down to into a mobile format which is fine but forum support would be really nice.  Hopefully in the future this can come to pass. From a personal perspective the app serves as a great portal to the full site and is a handy way to stay on top of the outstanding work that goes on there. From the technical perspective, why not just go to the full site on your handsets browser? At any rate the information is worthy of note to most health enthusiasts.

  • This App Was Tested Using: HTC Hero (CDMA) OS 1.5
  • Presentation: Nice clean presentation
  • Value: A free app for a free site.
  • Stability/Resources: Over a week, I’ve had no force closes but sometimes get a weird error on closing the app.
  • Bottom line: If you like your primal fix on the go you could do worse or you could go to the full site.

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  1. Curtis
    March 31, 13:54 Reply

    I am unable to find it in my app store. Does anyone know if it is available for the Moto DROID?

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