Droid Sequel Gets Wi-Fi Certification?

Could the Droid family be getting bigger?  Maybe.  Earlier today a new Motorola handset got Wi-Fi certification with the model number A955.  Sound familiar?  Those familiar with Droids and Milestones may recognize this as those phones have model numbers of A855 and A853.   In addition to this, a Twitter feed that monitors Android device signatures Tweeted about a phone marked  ”cdma_droid2/A955/droid2_vzw/mot”, pointing to a new Motorola Droid 2 on a CDMA network (Verizon?).

While at this point this is just pure speculation, I really hope that this device is the Droid 2.  I have been waiting for a successful follow up to the Droid now for a while.   So, how about it folks? Anyone want a Droid 2?  What specs do you want to see?

Source: Into Mobile

  • This communicator phone look so nice it is one kind of mini laptop.I am very excited about this one It is really fantastic one.I am very happy about it this one is so cool for me.

  • Josef F

    " I have been waiting for a successful follow up to the Droid now for a while."

    For a while now? the Droid 1 came out 6 months ago.

  • Jon from PHX,AZ

    I bet you ANYTHING the 2nd Droid will be THINNER. I knew that it was going to happen since the 1st day I got my 1st Droid. I think they purposfully made it the size it is right now, so that when they release the 2nd Droid, that it'll be thinner and a bit faster. I would like to see a different look on the Droid 2, I think this second Droid is comin out to quick, I mean they should've at least waited a year since the 1st release but oh well.

    Motorola Droid = iPHONEY KILLER!!!

  • hazydave

    I'm not sure there's much wrong with the Droid.. I love mine.

    For Droid 2, what would I do. Ok… keep the same basic size, so that car and desktop docks still work. If they can't do this, no point in calling it Droid 2.

    Trade in the LCD for an AM-OLED display. Same size, or ever-so-slightly larger.

    Internal memory… go to at least 512MB RAM and 8-16GB Flash as a built-in… keep the micro-SD slot, update for the possibility of micro-SDXC.

    Other things… improve the camera. I don't actually care if you go higher resolution, 5Mpixel isn't bad. But the Droid camera is still questionable. Also do 720p video… given the resolution of the camera, this should be possible, at least with an updated SOC.

    As for the SOC (processor + system), faster is nice, but don't sacrifice GPU and other functional unit hardware speeds just to get out a 1GHz unit. Sure, the Snapdragon is fast on CPU, but the GPU is slower than the Droid's, and the video accelerator less effective.

    Officially enable USB hosting (it already works), and sell a USB host cable. Also add Wifi hotspot option.

    And really, Verzion…. $2.50 per month for Visual Voicemail.. and it SAVE YOU MONEY. It's cheaper to push Voicemail to my Droid and be done with it, than to store it. The iPhone doesn't change extra….

  • I don't care about the width or even how it looks(shape). I care about power and specs. This phone is shaping up to be to be quite a nice piece of android toting hardware. I am looking for the larger screen. If it does indeed have a 4.1 or 4.3" screen then I am all over that like android on a pastry:) A little side note no matter what its packing, I'm ROOTING IT ALWAYS>Droid2=$mine.

  • thanks for sharing. i like it :p