T-Mobile Garminfone Due Next Month With $200 Price Tag

T-Mobile has announced that their forthcoming Garminfone will be dropping in June with a $199.99 price tag.  According to Phonescoop, this comes after a rebate and a 2-year agreement with the GPS-heavy handset.   Full price is said to be $450 for those of you interested in buying one outright.  We’re still waiting to hear what the official release date is so stick around!

  • That's $199.99 too much, considering the other Android phones that will be or are available.

    • KCshuffle

      That's a ridiculous statement, look at a Garmin GPS unit at $150 average and add $50 to get an Android phone…. No brainer for the best GPS mapping software in the industry added to the best open source software in the world to make one complete package with a car charger cradle. Open your mind up, it's not just an Android phone. Simple minded approach anybody…

  • eror….How can i delete it?