The EVO 4G in Action; Qik Video Chatting Rocks

Last night I attended the Sprint EVO 4G event in New York city. Of course, I brought along my handy little video camera, just in case I saw something you AndroidGuys would like. Sure enough, Sprint aimed to please.

For hours, I was able to play around with the device and watch Sprint representatives showing off the radiance of their first 4G superphone. Below are two of the videos I managed to take. The lighting was pretty bad, but the videos seem okay, with a few moments of blurriness (especially when zooming in). In the one showing off the AndroidGuys app, I accidentally had the phone in 3G only mode. Sorry about that.

The video showing off Qik’s video chat service is pretty neat. The EVO 4G can stream video on both 3G and 4G connections. Obviously, the quality on 3G is not as good, but that’s to be expected. This makes the EVO 4G the first Android device in the U.S. to be released with such capability. Also, thanks to Qik, all of your video sessions are saved online to your Qik account for later viewing.

Hope you enjoy…



  • reddragon72

    You know what I find funny about Sprints "4G" is that is it typically slower than T-mobiles HSPA which lands me around 1.5Mbps down and 1 up on a good day, and now with HSPA+ there are vids of the N1 hitting 4 down and nearly 2 up. So what is the big deal? you pay more for the same speed… Oh in there is a cool vid of a T-mobile HD2 hitting 11 down. And Sprint wants to charge an extra 10 bucks for this "premium" service?!?! This is why I left Sprint, that and there customer service was extremely crappy!!

  • 1. The only time I saw Sprint's 4G go that slow was when it was also acting as a hotspot to a bunch of other devices at the same time. Otherwise, we were pulling 4+ down. Comparing WiMAX to HSPA+ will be a different story.
    2. Sprint's extra $10 is not for 4G, it's for the overall extra data that will be used by the phone. Take their $69.99 plan, which is already essentially unlimited everything (except 450 landline minutes) and add $10, making it $79.99, and you still have the best value over any other carrier. I'm not sure why you're complaining
    3. Sprint CS has gotten much much better. Lots of media outlets are reporting Sprint's sudden rise is customer satisfaction and overall quality of service.

  • mark

    Qik's live streaming video is supper cool (and looks great on the EVO). How much does the speed/quality decrease if you're on 3G?

    • I actually didn't get to witness it running on 3G, but from what some people I spoke with told me, it was still acceptable.

  • jonathan

    wait, so our conversations are being saved by qik? isn't that a pit of a privacy concern?

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