We’re starting to see a significant number of emails and questions coming our way about the latest Sprint handset.  Rather than trying to answer them all over and over again, we thought we’d put together a quick list of FAQs to help you out.  We may be adding to the list as time goes, so check back if your question isn’t answered!  Have something you feel needs asked?  Leave it in the comments and we’ll try to incorporate it if we think it’s relevant enough.

How much is the EVO 4G?
The phone will sell for $199.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate and a 2-year commitment.

When does it come out?
June 4t, 2010

What rate plan do I have to sign up for?
The Evo 4G will require an Everything Data Plan, which starts at $69.99 per month plus a $10 “Premium Data Add-on” which covers WiMAX support. the heavy data usage that the phone will encounter. Yes, even if you do not live in an area that supports 4G.  Wouldn’t you like to have it just in case you traveled to a market that does offer 4G?

How much does it cost to get the mobile WiFi hotspot service?
To get your Evo 4G act like a mobile WiFi hotspot, connecting up to eight devices, you’ll need to fork out $29.99 per month.

Are there limits to how much data I can use with the EVO 4G?
If you are using 3G, Sprint reserves the right to limit you at 5GB per month.  Hit that and the carrier says they can limit speeds, suspend service, or outright terminate your connection.  As far as 4G goes, the sky is the limit (for now)!

How fast is the 4G speed, really?
Engadget reports that they were able to consistently hit 4Mbps downstream with 1Mbps upstream while at the press event.

Do I have 4G where I live?
Beats us.  Do you?

Can I talk and browse the web at the same time?
Yes, you can…  If you are in 4G coverage.

What’s so great about the EVO 4G?
For starters, this is the first handset to feature WiMAX support, meaning  faster data connections for your apps.  The screen size is a massive 4.3-inches and it looks gorgeous in your hand.  Other features include HDMI output, Android 2.1 (Sense UI), an 8-megapixel camera on the back, and a front-facing camera.  Oh it also shares internet connection with its mobile WiFi feature.  Connect up to five devices over 3G and up to eight when using 4G speeds.

  • Here's something I haven't seen addressed yet: will the EVO 4G be available with a data-only plan?

  • boriqua2000

    i have a few questions for you guys.why did dan hesse say very clearly when the EVO4G was announced that 4G would be free? why the sudden change? why hasn't anyone asked him why he wants to rip off his customers? can we look forward to paying for other features in the future such as GPS,sprint TV,nascar or ESPN mobile? i was just wondering.

  • Andy in Indy

    How fast is the phone (not the connection) really? Can we get a Linpack score for the phone?

  • Josh

    has there been any word on if you're on a family plan and one user gets the EVO, do you have to pay the $10 for all phones on the plan?

    • Josh

      just talked to sprint and you only have to get it for the EVO line

  • Kenji O.

    So I'm guessing I would be shelling out about $110 per month ($69.99 plan + $10 premium data add on + $29.99 hotspot). Hmm, seems reasonable as I wouldn't then have to get the Overdrive.

    I'm wondering if I'm able to add the hotspot or other data features without having to reset my two-year contract? Wondering if I could subtract it as well. Any word on that?

  • Chris

    I agree with the add of the hotspot when on trips but when I am at home have no need for it. So have it turned on for one month then off for the majority of the other months.

  • Steve

    Can I pay more for the phone and only sign a one year contract?

  • david

    Does this phone work in europe?

  • Julian

    Is there anyword on if the Evo will have the same weather animation as the HD2? Everyone seems to think that it will but I haven’t seen any info on it.

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