About Those HTC Patents…

As we reported yesterday, HTC has filed a suit against Apple for infringing upon five of their patents.  We’ve learned what these particular issues are and are listing them below.  They don’t sound like anything super special, but then again that might not be the point.  HTC is probably just looking to tie things up a little bit and make things difficult.  More than likely, it’s more of a court of public opinion trial designed to tarnish the image of Apple in whatever capacity they can.  You know, taste-of-your-own-medicine stuff.

Nilay Patel has a great breakdown of the five patents over at Engadget.  Be sure to check his analysis out when you’re done here.

  • Patent #6,999,800 – Method for power management of a smartphone
  • Patent #5,541,988 – Telephone dialer with a personalized page organization of telephone directory memory
  • Patent #6,058,183 (PDF) – Telephone dialer with a personalized page organization of telephone directory memory
  • Patent #6,320,957 – Telephone dialer with easy access memory
  • Patent #7,716,505 (PDF) – Power control methods for a portable electronic device

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  1. @Tagon42
    May 13, 17:22 Reply

    I see it as less then a taste of your own medicine and more of a bargaining chip. I drop my lawsuit if you drop yours.

  2. Jim
    May 13, 17:46 Reply

    Sounds more like "lets make the lawyers richer". We need far less lawyers and more business people.

  3. Macs
    May 14, 05:00 Reply

    Realistically HTC have had no option but to counter sue.

  4. Mac
    June 14, 05:55 Reply

    HTC needs to quit cryin and step it up lol.

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