Ok, For Real Guys… Android 2.1 Available for Samsung Moment


Stop us if you’ve heard this one.  Android 2.1 is available for one of Sprint’s handsets…

Word on the streets is that the Samsung Moment is finally rolling out Android 2.1 to handsets.  As reported before, this will not be an OTA update.  Users will be required to wipe their phone using instructions found here (PDF) and update via PC. While Sprint has yet to formally announce anything, the feedback we’re getting tells us this is the real deal.  If you have a Moment, head here to get started!

Repsect knuckles users from over at sdx-developers for the find.


  1. Come on, The Hero outsold the Moment. Why the Moment, and not the Hero?

    Is HTC going to hamper the carriers with updates? This is ridiculous.

  2. but…..I just noticed…Sprint's update site shows CL14, but another forum says that the file is indeed the 2.1 update, they just haven't changed the info on the update page…and indeed the file is much bigger than what the page says.

    • Thats exactly what I was just noticing. I'm tempted to try it. Also at Android Central's website, a user has published a link to the 2.1 download and it looks the same as the CL14 that Sprint shows. I'm so tempted!!!! lol

  3. So Sprint pulled the info on the support page and rapidshare pulled the link also. I went to my local Sprint certified repair center and the tech showed me the actual email for Sprint and the release is official for the 14th of May. But when I click on the links on Sprints page for the CL14 update, it takes me to info that is dated 5/14/2010. So I'm wondering if the download file of 84mb is the actual 2.1 and not the CL14. I'm curious to try it but don't want to mess up.

  4. Ok I did it! The Sprint support page says the info is for CL14, but all the links show tomorrow's date. And the actual file is 101mb instead of the 84mb that shows. It IS the official 2.1 file! I have it installed now, and it works great! Finally, our long wait is over. Thanks Sprint!

  5. I don't have a Moment yet, but I do have an imac running 10.4.11. How can I get this upgrade to 2.1 without a pc?

  6. When is 2.2 coming out?!! Man, now I'm going to have to browse the 'net everyday for the next 8 months expecting 2.2 information only to be disappointed each. and. every. day. again…lol.

  7. Got it love it way to go to Sprint it said it was the previous update when I did it but it's 2.1. Esp glad we now have more Voice to text options supported etc. By a Moment people it's a great phone camera has always been better then the Hero & is now even better!

  8. This new 2.1 update is the best, the download instructions can be confusing, just make sure the file size is 101MB, that's it. For some apparent reason, Sprint forgot to update their page with the correct info.

  9. Confirmed to be 2.1. No live wallpaper, old launcher and 3 home screens. Not a big deal for me to not have live wallpaper.

  10. sprint pulled it after the info leaked. 2.1 (de03) will most likely be re-released later today and their official announcement.

  11. I can never get my pc to recognize, so I took it to the sprint store, where they told me the update FRIED 75% of phones that day. This was after taking my phone, starting it up so it couldn't stop, and telling me, "I can get it to work. If it fries your phone, we'll get you set up for the weekend and you'll get a new one on Monday." Thank god he didn't fry it, but he did tell me not to tell anyone that he did it because he used less than official ways to get it to work and he had access to all my private data and then he was going to hang himself from a tree. Unfortunately, I pass something like 5 Sprint stores on the 45 minute drive to this one because it's the ONLY one that got the update, corrupted as the file was.

    Umm…so…yeah. Yay for 2.1?

  12. So what's the deal? Does everyone have it now? I got my 2.1 Thursday. Is everyone else getting it? Do they have the same as me?