Rumor: T-Mobile to Test UMA Calling with Android Handsets

The Boy Genius Report just tossed up a very quick post telling the world that T-Mobile is expected to start testing UMA on Android handsets in the third quarter.  For those of you who don’t know what this means, we’ll give you a few details.

Unlicensed Mobile Access lets users switch from GSM to 802.11 technologies.  Calls can jump from cell tower to WiFi without dropping and vice versa.  Carriers love it because it lessens the strain on their network while customers enjoy perfect signal wherever there is a hotspot. Customers can potentially save money too because they won’t be using minutes for calls, messages, etc.

Anyone else half as excited as us over this?

  • Erik Hanson

    Yesssss! UMA calling was great on my old BlackBerry Curve, and it will rock on the Nexus One as well! Android just gets better and better with the feature set.

  • T-Mobile no longer offers the account add-on that does not charge you minutes when making calls via UMA…

    • spike

      U nerd if they say "started testing" that don't mean nuffin to u? Lil diccs like u love to brust peeps bubbles and I know the add on you talkin about they took out the 5 faves to maybe they are doing it to get the rest of the world off there wutever fones or so called smart fones and jump on the real deal…ben pike ull be iight…I no nerds like u r gonna dis cu of how type n o talk bout is iight u understood every single word

      • shaneaus

        Please learn to type in correct English instead of Pig Latin or whatever that was…

  • JeS

    This is awesome news. The UMA Nokia I am using now as home/cell phone is in need of replacement and the MyTouch, Cliq and G1 also used by the family needs some company.
    I think I am grandfathered in to the $10/mo all you can eat UMA….I am using it today.

  • Used to have UMA @Home service… seeing as how I thought that was discontinued…. not sure how useful this would be.

    • Tom

      Although T-Mo's landline replacement UMA service is end-of-life, their cell phone UMA capability is very much alive. In fact it is pitched to T-Mo corporate and government customers as a cost savings versus international roaming. It would be awesome to have UMA calling on something besides BlackBerry phones. Particularly for those of us grandfathered on the $10 Unlimited UMA option.

    • wallie

      I still have @home service

  • Terran

    I’m sure there will be restrictions. T-Mobile never fails to disappoint.

  • Is UMA really the same as their previous @Home service? I thought the @Home service couldn't jump from cell tower to wifi, only vice versa. Are these different technologies?

  • JeS

    I believe there were two flavors of home service. One was using existing land line equipment like a comcast or fios voice over IP setup (I had comcast digital voice before I ditched it for Tmo & UMA ) and the other is/was a talk forever $10/mo deal where the UMA cell phone can be used in wifi unlimited. I believe if you have a UMA phone right now and Tmo and wifi you can use UMA…but you get charged minutes. The names of these changed a few times and it is hard to keep them straight. In any event, for UMA phone users, this opens up Android devices for use with that technology… this is a big deal for device selection. If you have/pay for a land line, and do not use UMA, then this news will probably not interest you too much..unless you plan to ditch the land line (recommended). I see this a big deal for those who use UMA for reception purposes….

    Also, I wonder if this is a hardware, firmware, software specific and if existing android devices can be updated to use UMA…not a biggie for me, but would be nice…..

  • HookMeUp4Free

    We are also currently using the $10 UMA @ Home TMobile Router and three phones to go with it. According to the customer service line t hey will not discontinue it as long as there are those of us out here still using it. It would make sense for them to enable the Androids (AND THE WIN MOBILES) to have this capability since most people who even know what UMA is and have plentiful routers and connectivity enough to make it useful WANT phones that they can do MORE with in the first place. If we can have our phone be our PDA or whatever too then why not! We're on the family 700 @ Home plan and we barely use the minutes between three people (and one is a teenager lol). Using data packages are crazy – better off buying a small notebook or laptop and just using the Wireless and Skype or any other service that allows some form of free calling.

  • Abraxias

    if you want UMA on Android, vote for it at:

  • ASol

    Thanks for the tip. I'm telling everyone I know to vote for Google to UMA-enable Android OS.… Type Status Owner Summary Stars

  • zzz

    I just talked to a T-mob CSR who confirmed that we will get UMA on android soon. He didn't know which phones though.

  • Am_A_Guest

    WiFi uses UMA – Unlicensed Mobile Access (GAN) frequencies (~2400 MHz)
    2G – Uses GSM in PCS Frequency (~1900 MHz)
    3G – uses WCDMA in AWS Frequency (~2100 MHz)
    @HOME – A router is used with a provisioned SIM Card inside of it that allows you to plug your old school phone and use your old school phone to dial. In addition, on handsets that support UMA (Blackberry and other UMA handsets) you can use the WiFi network connectivity from that router to hand in/out from the T-Mobile wireless network to the in-home WiFi network seamlessly.

    2G to UMA – works (both directions).
    3G to UMA – does not work in either direction at this time (you will stay on 3G, switch (IRAT) to 2G and subsequently to UMA or drop the call)


    Anyone know if the Vibrant will have UMA?

    • Vibrant, not so much

      Vibrant does not have UMA. Loved the phone but had to return it since I am dependent on UMA to get a signal at my house and at work. I use the UMA feature without the @HOME. I don't care if I get charged the minutes when I make the calls. At least I can make calls instead of having a dead phone at home due to the famous T-Mobile spotty coverage.
      T-MO,please, please, please bring the UMA to Vibrant and all your other Android phones. Yoiu can set yourself apart from your competition for once.

      • Ed

        I second this. I am in the exact situation as you. I just spoke with a CSR and he said that TM is planning on releasing 26 more smartphones by the end of the year and UMA is in the plans for a few of them. I was ready to buy the new Samsung but had my dreams broken when he said it doesnt have UMA.

  • dmans

    THe only reason I stay with T-Mobile is for the UMA support… there are no cell towers near my house. If they can't get this fixed soon they are going to start losing customers and I will be the first.

  • Ash

    I just created a fan page for T-Mobile UMA. Come and become a fan and hopefully UMA will be available on all Android phones soon!!

  • Ash

    I created a facebook fan page for T-Mobile UMA. Come and become and fan! Hopefully T-Mobile can bring this great invention to all Android phones!

  • fan of uma

    For everyone here leaving posts, @home service and wifi capable phones! There is an app that android is working on to make all android phones UMA. The at home service itself is already uma, the router that was sent to you is connected to the internet making all calls unlimited, T-mobile just came back out with the 9.99 unlimited calling plan again to put on phones that are all ready capable of the calling. Like the blackberries, the optimus, also the my touch and a few others. check your featurs and the specs on the phones before buying them it will help. It will state that the phone is wifi capable and if its UMA it will also say it. I live for UMA calls my home has no service for any cell phone towers. I just bought 2 of my kids the optimus and it does carry the wifi ability, the @ home service to cusotmers which I also use wont be turned off we get to keep it onless we ourselves decided to turn it off we are grandfathered in. I also did research watch your phones UMA, wifi both or good but also just found out text messaging is different then both the phone may support both but may not support the text mess. through wifi… Hope this helps everyone