T-Mobile’s Project Emerald: Here’s What We’ve Heard

If you are plugged into the Android universe at all, you have probably read about a little rumor originating over at TmoNews about a T-Mobile initiative called Project Emerald.  These last few days have seen tons of conjecture and guesswork as to what it’s all about.  After a few conversations with super-secret sources placed around the world, we’ve put together a short list of what we’ve been told.  These bits come from a rather reliable source who has yet to burn us so we feel good publishing them.

The handset will be the Samsung Galaxy S.  However, this will not be an all-out exclusive deal.  T-Mobile will be one of four carriers to provide the phone, something we’ve heard before.  With the Droid Incredible and HTC EVO getting a great deal of attention these last few weeks, Big Magenta has fast-tracked this phone for release the first week of July.  This also matches up with the “summer launch” we heard back at CTIA.

Here’s where things get really interesting.  Apparently Verizon and AT&T will also offer a similar Galaxy S but Sprint’s version will have a sliding QWERTY.  Weird, right?  There’s more.  Some of these seem like more of a stretch than others, but whatever.  If we’re right, remember where you heard this stuff first.

  • The phone will be Android 2.1 but should be 2.2 when it arrives.
  • Sprint’s handset will arrive later than the others
  • Somehow, the Hummingbird processor is out and the Snapdragon chip is in.
  • All but AT&T‘s model will have a camera flash

So… what have you heard?

  • Yogs2

    Awesome Go Tmobile

  • Wish it ran vanilla Android 🙁

    • Word is that it does Ben, which is nice.

      • Androidfan

        What is Ben?

        • The original poster's name is our own Ben R, so I was answering, sorry for the lack of comma!

  • Boxcar

    There is a dual core processor phone in the works, I can't remember if this is part of Emerald, but its likely.

    • We did not hear anything about Dual Core, but that would be cool for certain!

      • kathi17

        My kid works for T-Mo, and he keeps mentioning dual core, but doesn't say what phone it's on.

    • yasuya

      i've heard of dual core cell phone technology recently developed, but let's face it, T-mobile is a bargain network, with typically cheaper phones than say verizon or att. Tmo is likely to be one of the last to implement dual core tech and only when customers demand it. one might argue that they were the first to offer android, but android its self is pretty much free. they probably had to pay google a pittance for the google apps included with the g1 and any other of their "with google" phones, but beiing that google was new to the cell phone market at the time, they probably got enough of a bargain that it was still cheaper than windows mobile. the point is, i dont expect a dual core phone from t-mobile for a long time. I'd love to be wrong, but i guess i'm just a doubter.

  • toastmaster

    What I would like to know is if they have replaced the Google services with Yahoo!. I am on AT&T and switching carriers will be a pain because my wife has an iPhone, so I have been watching this phone closely. However, if I found out for sure that it had Yahoo! I would stop waiting and go for the Incredible or Evo (probably Evo).

    • I guess I am wondering why in the world they would do that? Do they have some sort of contract deal with Yahoo that gives yahoo exclusivity? We have been told that the Galaxy would be running Vanilla Android, which means that the Google Apps are part of that.

  • justaphoneuser

    Wow it will be great if tmo gets a high powered android!

    • Sure will, I have been sitting and waiting to see what T-mo is going to get since I have a contract rollover here very soon. Was wondering if I was staying with them or not, now I will be. I have been looking forward to this handset very much!

  • Joshua

    I was really hoping for the desire but this will do

  • That's great news that it's coming to AT&T as well! I've been watching this phone closely for months now, and this is the best news I have heard so far! Now, when will the announcement come?

    • Word that we got is that there is going to be some sort of break today to confirm officially what we have been told, we will see what unfolds!

  • Bobomo

    Just saw an article saying it was coming to Vodafone UK, so maybe that's the 4th carrier?

    If this actually gets pushed out soon on T-Mobile (with the flash) I will sell something in order to buy it. I will pray that it either comes stock or that someone will root it, but I'll even tolerate Touchwhiz to have this beautiful hardware on T-Mo.

    The REAL question is: Will it be HSPA+ ?

    • Our source was pretty specific when it was said to be coming to the American "big 4". I would not be surprised to see voda get it as the Euro carrier.

      • Bobomo

        Sorry, I didn't see the Verizon mention.

        "If we're right, remember where you heard this stuff first."

        If you're wrong, I'll remember exactly who it was that got my hopes up and shattered my dreams. 😀

      • calvin

        "big 4"? hmm… tmo is the 4 biggest carrier in the u.s. if my hunch is correct then its time to get my per-order money right

  • That's a shame. I was hoping for the HTC Desire.

    • frak808

      Ya.. I’m not in the market for Samsung, their support for their other Android phones has been lame, and the custom mod scene for Samsung phones is not up to par with what is going on with HTC and even Motorola Droid.

      I am in the market for a HTC or Motorola device that is full featured, rootable, with 1Ghz processor and a good physical keyboard.

      The MyTouch Slide is a little underpowered.. and only has 4 rows of keys, not 5..

      I want an N1 (with better screen) or Incredible on TMobile that has a good keyboard. Why is this so hard?

      • kathi17

        I don't want another Samsung either. I want an HTC like the Evo, HD2 running Android, or Incredible in that order. A physical 5 row keyboard would be very nice as well.

  • thescarletnecklace

    Kind of off topic: Just saw an add on this page for Invisible Shield's Scratchproof Protection System for the Incredible….WHY?

  • wow….nice info…thank you

  • The design of the phone is very elegant 🙂

  • is the quality of t-mobile rocks? In indonesia they sell cheap and lame phone..

  • nice post. thanks for sharing :p

  • I don’t like Samsung phones (the Galaxys S has not even a flash are you kidding me) and I don’t like their support (not existing). I hope that T-mobile gets a high end HTC phone soon. I don’t like that t-mobile has only these mainstream mediocre android phones.

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