US Cellular’s Samsung Acclaim Pic Confirmed


Engadget is reporting that the handset pictured to the left is the new Samsung Acclaim that US Cellular has recently scored exclusive rights to. Their confidence that this is the Acclaim is high, with their “doubt meter hovering at zero.”

There isn’t much info about the Acclaim as far as specs go.  We know that it has a QWERTY keyboard paired with a 3.2 inch display. Beyond that we are pretty uncertain.

Reportedly, this handset is going to drop in July from US Cellular.  Samsung is certainly stepping up their product saturation as we head into summer.  Stay tuned for more details as they come.

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  • Happy Go Lucky

    Check out this article I found On Twitter #AndroidFeens #US Cellular’s #Samsung #Acclaim Pic Confirmed!!!

  • vandinroth

    That pic is NOT the acclaim i can tell you that with 100% certainty. It looks very similar but that is not a 100% accurate pic.