USB & WiFi Tethering Built Into Android 2.2

As we head into next week’s Google I/O, Android 2.2 is looking more and more like a game changing release.  First there’s Flash integration.  Then came Android Market changes.  Just earlier this week we learned that Froyo is ridiculous fast.  Does it get better?  You bet.

Take a look at those pictures up there.  This is the latest piece of the awesome puzzle that is taking the fight right at Apple and RIM.  As it appears, Android 2.2 (Froyo) will offer WiFi and USB-based tethering as part of the operating system.

With data speeds getting faster by the day, more and more users are wanting to tether a netbook or laptop to their phone.  Building it directly into the operating system would provide yet another selling feature in an already powerful and robust platform.

Sadly, this seems like the first thing carriers might look to disable.  Thankfully, rooting Android handsets is rather easy!

Source: IntoMobile

  • Ratnok

    Since I own a Nexus One, T-Mobile can't disable it! Another reason to have a Nexus One! I wonder if that's the real reason why Verizon and Sprint canceled their plans for the Nexus One. They can't charge tethering fees and the data usage could skyrocket.

  • mauriceh

    They cancelled it as they have NO control of it. That and the fact that the end user prepays for part of their service by "Buying" a phone from them. When the phone is unlocked, the user can leave when they perceive bad service.
    Locked phones from vendors is no accident. It is the preferred model of telcos.

  • I'm love photography and I really would like to try the combination of my phone's WiFi Hotspot + EyeFi card + Nikon D700. 🙂

  • Kevin

    Something to compete with the guys building #Cyanogen Roms that keep the oldest phone, G1, pretty relevant.

  • Dignan17

    I'm excited about this, but I'm concerned with now it will work. I rooted my G1 and the WiFi Tethering worked fine for my laptop, but because it was creating an ad-hoc network, devices like my Zune could not connect to it (in fact, it couldn't even SEE the network). Here's hoping that the official Android tether will be infrastructure or something.

  • Jim

    So no 2.2 for my HTC Verizon Incredible

  • Vic

    As a former Blackberry user and current T-Mobile Customer now using the Nexus One, I figure since Blackberry has an app that allows tethering for a Wi-Fi connection that T-Mobile hasn't blocked they wont be able to block it with the Nexus if and when it becomes available.

    Gotta say I love my GN1 and I patiently await the release of 2.2 and all its wonderful new features.

  • saj

    Nice review,this is very usefull to me.please go for more

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