NTT DoCoMo’s Best Selling Smart Phone Ever is Probably Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

We’ve given the Sony Ericsson Xperia a rough go at things here on the site and on some of our podcasts.  To sum things up we’d have to say we’re disappointed all around.  We wish it was more responsive in their Mediascape and Timescape apps, we wish it had something newer than Android 1.6, we wish it would hit the US at some point, etc… Just a general sense of letdown.  NTT DoCoMo on the other hand, couldn’t be happier with it.  The Xperia X10 is probably their best selling smart phone of all time.

The Xperia X10 blog points to a Barclays Capital note that shows the carrier moving 120,000 units in the first 20 days.  This is far beyond anything the Japanese carrier has done before.  The next closest smart phone is an unspecified Android device which took ten months to sell 80,000 devices.

Too be fair, we’re told that NTT DoCoMo has never really had a strong smart phone line up.  We’re nowhere near experts on the carrier so we’ll have to assume it’s true.  The lesson to be learned is that old adage about one man’s trash being another man’s treasure.  Glad to hear the good news NTT DoCoMo and Sony Ericsson!

  • I am in the US and my X10 was delivered yesterday! I am very impressed with the size of the screen and the sleekness of it overall. Timescape and Mediascape are a bit disappointing, but hopefully that will be fixed with the update slated before the end of the year!

  • This doesn't surprise me. My review of the phone and the subsequent links from Twitter were accessed on the whole from Japan. My stats showed this and I even tweeted at the time to say that this phone was extremely popular over there. They must know something we don't 😉

  • stan

    My daughter lost her phone over the weekend (already away for college) and I sent her to the Sony Style store to get the X10 after a long discussion. They sold it for $129 and included a 8G microSD card. ATT only has a 2G card in their version.

    She’s quite pleased with it and thinks Timescape is a great way to consolidate messages in a very elegant way.

    I played with a unit for several hours at the ATT store last week, and there’s a lot of things to like about it. They gave me models without the theft devices on them.

    The browser has some sort of function that ‘locks’ on to columnar texts making it easy to read. I liked the expandable magnify box when zoomed out, too, liked the history display.

    The choice of apps on it are good. Where there are the usual ATT for pay apps, there was also the Opendoc reader, google maps, Youtube viewer, etc. There’s a nice shortcut widget for turning on and off the wifi, bluetooth, 3G and getting to the settings.

    With all the GPS assistance turned on, 3 seconds to 5 meters accuracy and 5 seconds to 2 meters.

    I called my own cell and left a message, the sound quality is quite good.

    It has HARDWARE buttons. I like this. I like a hardware Home, Menu and Back button. I can’t tell you how many times I was playing around with a phone like the Galaxy S or the Aria and the soft button didn’t seem to register.

    It also has a volume rocker button and a dedicated camera button, but you can tap the screen too. Camera is 8 megapixels and has ‘scene detection’ and smile detection, it seems to stolen the menus from a Sony cyber. The LED light 9instead of a flash in the USA) is a silly, but SE phones historically* have had switchable LED lights a lot and were often used for emergency flashlight use when there were blackouts or signalling SOS if you were ‘trapped’ in a earthquake. That feature alone may make it more popular in Japan along with the built-in hook for hanging a strap or charm.

    While I would like to see version 2+ of Android to make the screen even more beautiful than it already is, I don’t see what the problem for every reviewer is that it’s 1.6. Lots of phone and tablets are coming with 1.6 on them but reviewers seem to be salivating over them.

    X10 has Google Voice Search and it works fine.

    What I don’t like is ATT’s locking of the phone to 3G which is a battery drainer. Why can’t I set to GPRS/Edge? I don’t need it looking for 3G when there isn’t any around (my daughter is in Ga., and outside of large cities there isn’t that much 3G.)

    And for my fat fingers, the narrow info bar at the top and the narrow keys on one of the keyboards was a PITA.

    But in the hand compared to the Galaxy S, the X10 feels much more comfortable and sturdy even though it weighs 11g more. I was considering the Galaxy for myself since it has “N” wifi and a bit more internal storage than the X10. To me though the X10 has much more style than the Galaxy and I found the screens similar in brightness.

    The phone can set to standard SE firmware easily. It’s even been rooted but there aren’t device drivers for all the hardware to make 2.1 or 2.2 work correctly. I am certain that SE won’t back down from the 2.1 update, but I am not sure about a v2.2.

    I don’t think it matters since the phone seems to be highly usable as it is, and will improve with the 2.1. And in a couple years, we’ll all be buying new phones for LTE service anyway.

    * Pg 69