February 27, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S Promotional Video Surfaces

Believe it or not we have more Samsung Galaxy S news! A Samsung Galaxy S promo video has surfaced. It is basically a short little teaser detailing all of the features of the phone. It makes me want to purchase the phone right now.   Check it out below folks.  I really hope that this launches on T-Mobile.

Source: YouTube

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  1. edwin

    when damn i? I don't know if I have the patience to wait, I want this but if it takes to long to launch I'll just grab the slide!

  2. acekard

    This is very nice news so that people became happy as many people like this application and they are waiting to launch it. I am going to buy it whenever it will launch.

  3. Charbax

    Is it possible to use normal Android Home Theme instead of this Samsung Touchwiz UI thing?

    Can a bluetooth microphone or even two of them be used as high quality wiress microphones when shooting 720p videos? 720p can directly be uploaded to youtube over wifi or 3G without restrictions? What bitrate does it record the 720p video in? I'd like to see more 720p video samples.


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