April 1, 2015

Spotted! T-Mobile Flavored Samsung Galaxy S

Howard Chui of howardchui.com recently posted a short, hands-on video walkthrough of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S handset. Astute viewers have noticed that a handful of T-Mobile applications were sitting front and center when the menu of apps was opened. Take a look at the image to the right and you’ll see Visual Voicemail, My Account, Help, Visual Voicemail, and TMO Contact highlighted. No surprises here as we’ve heard T-Mobile is expected to be one of four carriers to offer the handset. What excites us most is that these devices are in the wild, indicating a launch is around the corner.

Video walkthrough after the jump!

Source: DroidDog

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    • pk101

      your right congrats on taking a concept and making it better/ more appealing than the iphone samsung you have a winner in my book

  1. Eliseo

    im going to get this phone, unless the iPhone can do something better next month.. but I doubt it


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