Rumor: T-Mobile ‘Project Emerald’ is Sidekick-Branded Android Product

We reported earlier this week what we believed to be details about T-Mobile’s ultra-secretive Project Emerald.  At the time, we suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S was the handset behind the project and it would be coming early July.  We still feel very strongly about the actual phone intel, but as for it lining up with the ‘project’, well maybe not so much.

TmoNews and DroidDog are reporting that the phone that’s going to be part of T-Mobile’s latest initiative will actually be a Sidekick.  This time around, HTC will be manufacturing the device as opposed to Sharp or Motorola.  Rumored specs peg the phone with Android 2.1, a 1 GHz processor (assumed to be Snapdragon), a front-facing camera, 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display, and 16 GB of internal storage.  Sounds like a pretty grown up Sidekick to us!  No firm dates yet, but we’ve learned it should be ‘summer’.

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  1. DiSKo
    May 15, 20:03 Reply

    Oh no! I'm not ready for a new phone yet but this one has me all hot and bothered… and yes mainly just b/c itz got the SK name. I swear Sidek!ck users had chips implanted in our brains that make us eternally loyal. I do like that front facing camera too though.

    • SHannon
      February 02, 23:27 Reply

      I have the computer chip too!!!! I have the 09 and have had it since the day it was released! Before that I had the SK3! I am so ready for some new bells and wistles but all of the things I love about my SK! Plus I want to keep my $20 SK data plan that I will loose if I get any other phone!

  2. SKOneLove
    May 15, 20:33 Reply

    I really hope this is true…all I ever wanted SK w android.. i

  3. @ItsMr5Star
    May 15, 21:13 Reply

    Does the name "Sidekick" automatically mean it will have a keyboard !? That's all I've been asking for from T-Mobile! Another phone with a 1ghz processor and a physical keyboard. If so, I'm sold already!

  4. bryan
    May 15, 21:51 Reply

    I doubt that this is a sidekick device, the specs you quoted are almost exactly word for word out of the Samsung Galaxy S specs, 4.3 inch screen, Super AMOLED screen (samsung display), 1 Gig processor. Plus the video of a T-Mobile Galaxy S just made it out, showing that phone with Tmobile specific android apps installed.

    • anmol
      May 17, 00:37 Reply

      but they said its made by HTC

      Im guessing its a variant of HD2 running Android or a GSM version of Evo perhaps?

  5. eka
    July 13, 16:23 Reply

    nice post. thanks for sharing. i like it :p

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