Have You Seen the New Android Market Yet?

Sometime over the last few days Google refreshed the look of the Android Market website.  While it’s not a total redesign of the previous setup, it does look like the company is headed in the right direction.  Visitors can now browse through top free, top paid, and featured apps just a little more efficiently.  If there is one thing missing still, it’s a search box.  Come on Google.  We hear you are pretty good at search engines.  Throw one up at the top of the site.  Even if you don’t give us access to the nearly 50,000 apps in the repository, at least let us search the titles you have on the web site.

  • rollie c

    Man I never use Android's site LOL.. I usually get all my apps, themes, etc on RawApps. Not even Appbrain is good enough cuz it's very sloppy

    • meanmcclean

      That's because Android's site was pretty useless up until now. I like what they did. At least you can navigate the top choices in each category which brings web access to the damn Market. Gives people the ability to view the goods before they purchase lol.

  • I have Market search (Maginifying glass icon, input on click) on my Milestone from Day 1. Is built rather into the phone than into the market?

  • ah right you mean on the desktop website…

  • It's refreshing to see your own app (A Top Job Search) making a "Top Free List" in Productivity (barely but still)

  • Pablo

    It continues being very bad

  • Pablo

    It continues being very bad. Can't search in a web made by Google?

  • Sytar

    I am still seeing a few KEY things missing:

    1) Search – This is Google we are dealing with right?
    2) Filtering – Let me find apps that work for my phone
    3) Popularity – I don't want to see 3000 0 star apps that don't do anything, Let me only see 4 -5 star apps.

  • justaphoneuser

    We should be able to log in with our Google id, browse through all 50,000 apps and mark the ones we want to download to our device, or even uninstall apps from the website. It would be so much easier then managing apps on the phone… This sort of thing is possible with calendar, gmail, google voice, etc. why not apps?

  • Henry

    Paid apps to Scandinavia!

  • nice post. thanks for sharing. i like it :p

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