Gameloft Offering 10 HD Titles for Android

Just in time for their tenth anniversary, Gameloft has announced the availability ten high-definition 3G games for Android and other smart phone platforms. According to the press release, Gameloft has custom created each game for individual handsets which should enhance the gaming experience.

“Our goal has always been to offer the best gaming experience for each device,” said Gonzague de Vallois, Senior Vice President, Publishing, Gameloft. “With the arrival of smartphones that allow the creation of high quality games, we are excited to bring consumers a unique line up of diverse titles combining rich 3D graphics and intense gameplay”

The ten games available immediately are:

These Gameloft games are now available via and

  • Wait, but these aren't available on the market… you can only buy them from the website? What about updates?

  • Oliver

    Good question about updates. They have the WORST return policy I've ever seen.

    " We accept absolutely no returns on game downloads. Should you be unable to download the game, select a game that is incompatible with your phone, lack sufficient credit to download it, or have a problem with your internet service, you will not be refunded. If you complete payment more than once, you will not be refunded. We reserve the right to replace your purchase with another game in exchange."

  • Nonny

    Warning: most of these games don't work. They get stuck at 100% download or are forever stuck in force-close loops. Purchase with great caution.

  • Maff

    nothing about Android on their website
    I'm wanting Real Football 2010 but it has it for iPhone or "mobile" which it's been like for ages because they have it for Java games

    They are the only 2 options, I bet if I buy both then neither will work

    looks like this news story hasn't been researched at all!

  • thinkliberty

    I don't trust their software to work on my phone.

  • chris

    I have the droid snd currently am playing, Asphalt 5 and real football 2010 – both work amazingly and are great !

  • Nomad

    Total ripoff. Buyer beware.

  • aboutface

    They don't download from Canada

  • Dave

    Seems like they were taken down. Can anyone tell me if Keyboard and dpad work on the droid?

  • lolobabes
  • EVO owner

    Cannot purchase if in the USA…. wtf?

  • nice post. thanks for sharing. i like it :p

  • You have covered a lot of points herem but Assassin’s Creed is the best

  • Ryan

    I have sandstorm and gangstar for my epic 4g and they are great. No problems at all.

  • Caseio051

    Sinds Android 2.3 werken al mijn gameloft games op desire hd niet meer.

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