Google Android Smart TV Patent Images Surface

Mobileblab is reporting that something very interesting has been found regarding Google’s Smart TV project while searching the Google Patent data base.   What exactly could be so interesting?  Well, according to the database, the new Smart TV will be Android powered, and come with a special Android app store with its own TV applications.  This patent application was filled by Google and Sony for a “network media player with user-generated playback control.” That name sounds a little similar to their latest Android powered TV that should be announced soon.

From what I read, the Android powered TV is planned to be able to bring all your media players into one and allow you to play your movies from cable, satellite, online, and more all in one place. Pretty damn cool if you ask me.

They patents talk of a way users could add their own graphics on top of a recorded videos.

“User-generated overlays can be used to create custom playback of content. For example, a user could overlay a frame image, add a ticket bar, place a logo in the corner of the screen, add a sound track, or perform any other overlay function.”

This information is great, but I still have a lot of questions for Eric and the crew. What do you guys make of these images?

Source:  Mobileblab

  • Jon From PHX, AZ

    From the 1st picture, I'm guessing you can use an android phone to control the tv. From the 2nd picture, I'm guessing that the tv will have bluetooth, for example, the playstation 3 has bluetooth so MAYBE that can be used and be sent over to the tv?? IDK, but it looks very interesting, good to see that google is expanding. 1st the website, then the phones n the tvs n the tables, etc. I've even heard they're trying to make games for like PS3 n Xbox

  • From the first picture, I’m guessing there is a woman on tv, highlighted by an arrow, smirking, teasing the viewer with servileness. Before the tv, there is a man, wearing a strange 110 hat, magnetized by the screen, his hands firmly burrowed in his lap, seemingly using a device emitting vibrations.

    SCNR! 😀

  • JohnPA2006

    Is it just me or does the bald guy in the chair look like he has soundwaves shooting out from his crotch. Could it be from the babe on tv? He must really love seeing Hilary Swank.

  • eta

  • nice info……

  • another innovation.. Go Google!

  • eka

    thanks for sharing. nice info :p

  • gh

    So where is it?

  • gh

    So where is it?

  • Jeff M

    The first patent was issued in 1994 and extend internationality the next year:
    It totally describe what is Smart Tv.
    It clearly shows someone placing a voice order directly through the Tv.
    If you read carefully, it claims an intelligent Tv set, with a key point ability to:”automatically download necessary software routines
    according to users demand to process their needs.”
    That is… Smart Tv