PSA: Pre-Order Your Sprint HTC Evo 4G at Radio Shack, Best Buy Now!

As of a now, Evo fans can go into a Best Buy and Radio Shack and preorder the Evo 4G for pickup when the Android superphone launches on June 4.  You will have to go into an actual store to place the order, but the good news is that you’ll get the $199.99 price instantly (provided that you sign up for a two-year contract).  This will mean you actually pay $199.99 the day you purchase it, no sending in anything through the mail for a rebate.

Radio Shack is also offering a free $20 accessories gift card to those customers who put down a $50 deposit.   Sounds like a deal!

So Android fans? Who is getting one?

Source: CNET

  • What?! what a great deal… pre-order…. So tempting

  • bbb

    $140 for 2 lines that can share minutes, one being a basic voice only phone and the other being an EVO, is the cheapest shared / family plan Sprint offers. That is $40 more a month than Verizon for the same services. Actually Verizon's network seems to have a better reputation which makes the 40% increase in service fees even more ridiculous. I'll pass. The carrier falls way short of the greatness of the phone.

    • ohwut

      Huh? I'm lost.

      $129.99 1500 Minutes + Any Mobile Anytime, Unlimited Data/Texting on all lines + $10 EVO Charge and any other smartphones.

      $99.99 700 Minutes, Unlimited Texting, $29.99 for Smartphone Data on One line.

      $69.99 700 Minutes, $20.00 5000 Texts (Max per any one line on Verizon), $29.99 Smartphone Data.

      For a Similar Plan.
      $119.99 1400 Minutes, Unlimited Texting, $29.99 Data Line 1, $29.99 Data Line 2.

      • dman

        Your prices are wrong for sprint. Sprint is the cheapest…way cheaper than verizon:
        $70 unlimited text, data, and mobile to mobile regardless of carrier. 450 minutes for landlines.
        $99 unlimited everything

        • Sam

          He is talking about family plans. So you are both correct. $69.99 everything data for single line. and $129.99 same for 2 lines.

        • John

          dman, $99.99 "Simply Everything"? try + $10 Rip off Mandatory Fee + $30 MiFi Capability that Verizon provides for FREE with it's Palm Pre Plus = "Simply C__p"

    • sounds like you should comment on things you know something about. Verizon is far costlier and will be even more so when their 4G equivalent comes out. Try getting your #s correct.

    • Sam

      What the hell are you talking about? You have no idea what you are saying do you? Verizon and AT&T are on average 25-35% more expensive than sprint.
      For 2 lines with Sprint Unlimited Mobile to Mobile calling, 1500 Minutes just to landlines, unlimited texting, unlimited data, unlimited navigation, unlimited sprint tv, unlimited walkie talkie (for iDen phones only) is $129.99. $10 per line for Evo. So let's say if you have 2 Evo's that's $149.99

      Verizon for unlimited talk and text is $149.99. Add two unlimited internet for the Droid or the Incredible that's $30 a piece making it $209.99 add $10 for navigation and it's a total of $219.99.

      For Sprint Customers that's a saving of $60 a month. That's about 30% less than Verizon!

      • John

        Sprint: "Simply Everything" Plan $99.99 + $10 Manadatory Rip Off + $30 MiFi (tether capability on EVO) = $140/mo for ONE EVO

        Verizon: $69.99 Unlimited Talk to land/mobile + $20 Unlimited Text messaging + $30 Unlimited Data Plan = $120/mo for a truly "unlimited" phone with MiFi (tethering capability for 5 computers) w the Palm Pre Plus which has a similar wireless tethering capability like the EVO

        Therefore Sprint IS $20/mo more costly than the far superior Verizon service and plan!!! Please check your math.

        • Keith

          You are not adding in that you get unlimited 4g and 3g bandwidth with Sprint. The Verizon plan is 3g only and limited to 5GB of bandwidth.

    • kendall

      and also people that arent with verizon or don't have perfect credit history can get on sprint without paying $500 deposits!!!

    • brett

      Sprint is excellent and has the best pricing. ive been with them for awhile and i travel all over.

  • M.Weir

    Wow…$140 just for 2 lines?? I am with sprint now and pay $157 for 2 instincts and a slider. We have the everything family data plan on all 3 phones and carry insurance on both instincts. The $157 also includes the taxes.

  • Jim

    So now that plan pricing is as clear as mud, who has the best deal on the initial purchase of the phone? What is the total cost, bonus accessories, no restocking fees, etc.?

  • B.Fletcher

    Just put the deposits down on 2 new Evo's today at Best Buy… Can't wait to get them.. They are gonna kick the iPhone's A$$… And for pricing.. I have 4 lines, 1500 minutes shared everything plan with insurance on each line and pay less than $180 a month. I priced Verizon and AT&T and they are both well over $200 for the same features…

    • kkhi

      How much did they ask for deposit?

  • Solo

    If you pre-order the EVO at Radio Shack when you buy the mandatory 50 dollar gift certificate which acts as the required deposit to secure the telephone, you will notice on the receipt that you can go online and fell out a short customer survey which will reward with a 10 dollar coupon which you can then use toward the purchase of the EVO when you pick up the telephone on June 4. This is in addition to the 20 dollar credit Radio Shack is offering you on EVO accessories. Woot!

    • PlayaPlaya

      Wow. Thanks for this heads up my friend!!! Cool beans indeed!

  • jhnmrk

    I pre-ordered my EVO today @ Best Buy…..I have 3 phones, 1500 minute shared everything plan and I'm paying $180 a month, with one phone insured. How is it that I am paying $180 for 3 lines and some here have more phones w/ insurance and paying less than me?

    • bill

      Are you using any type of discounts……. there are so many available.

      • jhnmrk

        I'm self-employed…..I'm pretty sure there aren't any discounts for that. Do you have any suggestions? Any cost lowering improvements would be greatly appreciated.

    • BigTime

      lolol, i have 4 lines 1500 minutes shared family plan… insurance on ALL PHONES here ill copy and paste my bill 🙂

      Total due

      • jhnmrk

        does this include data, or is your plan voice only?

      • please email me a copy of that bill i wanna know how u did that cause i pay 238 for the same crap please and thank u [email protected]

  • Jason

    Placed my order Sunday 5/16. Best Buy quaranteed me a phone on the 4th and only 33 people are before me. I'm syched!

  • Just pre-ordered mine at The Shack! Counting days till the 4th. This would be an awesome phone for me!. Now I have to put my HTC Touch pro2 on sale. Anyone interested? I have a load of accessories that I'm gonna throw in for a decent price 🙂

  • Rick

    Pre-ordered mine at Radio Shack a couple of days ago. I found it amusing that they give you 2 days to come and get your phone. Most of us will be there pounding down the door ! They haven't guaranteed that they'll have accessories available when the phone launches, so I hope the $20 accessories credit can be used at a later time.

  • Brad

    Its funny to me the enormous response to the pre-orders. I highly doubt that there is going to be sufficient stock at any of these locations to allow #34 in line to get an EVO. HTC wants to keep the hype going so there won't be enough on the release date (at least not from 3rd Party retailers) to go around. I'm guessing there will be a lot of unhappy and out of luck people that have pre-paid and end up with no phone!

    • Vdm

      Actually most people will probably get their phones. If you ask at any Sprint store they are often times the LAST ones to get the new phones. They will often times supply places like BB and RS before they will their own stores. Just an FYI!!!

  • JohnN1980

    Do the math all the fanboys and fangirls.

    Sprint: "Simply Everything" Plan $99.99 (what a joke) + $10 Mandatory Rip Off Fee + $30 "hotspot" fee = $140/mo plus taxes and fees for ONE Evo phone

    Verizon: Unlimited talk to land/mobile $69.99 + Unlimited Text Messaging $20 + Unlimited Data Plan $30 = $120/mo for truly unlimited everything including the "hotspot" capability on the Palm Pre Plus for up to 5 computers from the NUMBER #1 Cellular provider in the country with the most comprehensive coverage as opposed to Sprint's far far third place position and dismal customer service records.

    geez… be a fan but be intelligent and know what you're getting…. RIPPED OFF by SPRINT!!!! If you're cool with it because you want the EVO, by all means, buy it. But please stop with the rationalizations and belittling of people about how incredulous you are that they want the "hotspot" which Verizon provides for FREE to it's valued customers & take a bending over by Sprint a smile.

    • Charles B.

      The best rate plan for "ONE Evo phone", is $69.99 for the Everything Data with any Mobile, anytime plan (on Sprint's website). That includes unlimited calling, data, messaging, navigation, and 450 minutes roaming. Which is competitve to the one you mentioned for Verizon. The other plan you stated is a more costlier plan with extra options like conference calling, etc. So you are comparing the wrong plans against eachother, but perhaps you meant to do that since you're a Verizon fan, obviously.

      • johnn1980

        Charles, for the record, I'm a Sprint customer for 16 years with 4 lines and 1 broadband card. I have been looking forward to the Evo since it's first announcement. Second, my comparison is dead on. my comparison is for an unlimited phone from each provider with unlimited minutes, text and data. The sprint plan you are referring to is 450 min plus unlimited mobile to mobile not unlimited to all mobile/land lines which is what the Verizon plan that I compared it with. Please check your facts. The comparison is dead on. At the end of the day, we're all sprint subscribers and shouldn't be fighting each other. We should be focusing our anger at Sprint for gouging it's loyal customers and hopefully get Mr. Dan Hesse to change Sprint's corporate greed culture. Let's all write to Sprint management and get this reversed.

    • Scott

      Yes like Charles said, the everything date plan is only 69.99$ a month and you do not have to pay the extra 30.00$ That is only if you do not have the eveyr thing plan. We "sprint users" will only have to pay an extra 10.00$ if we want the 4g coverage.

      So by paying 79.00$ a month for the best phone on the marke is not a bad deal. So what are you paying a month now???


      • JohnN1980

        Please read my reply above to Charles. My comparison is dead on for two completely unlimited talk/data/text phones with MiFi or "hotspot" capabilities. The only difference for the $20 higher Sprint monthly charge of $140 is that you get the Evo to support tethering of 8 computers versus the Palm Pre Plus's ability to support 5 computers. Please check your facts. we're all sprint fans here. let's not bicker amongst each other.

    • Zack44

      @ JohnN1980 yea but verizon has a 5gb cap on the smartphone internet that if you hit and go over they have the right to kick you off and terminate your service and you still have to pay all the taxes and fees and then they deny you service for the next 2 years where sprint is uncapped (4g data only). Just something to point out. Cause on the pre many people could come dangerously close and sprint offers work discounts allowed for there Simply Everything plan verizon doesn't.

      • JohnN1980

        that is a very astute observation. However, for most people's purposes, we are limited to 3G not the uncapped 4G. I live in NYC and it is 3G. 4G is only in the smaller markets (25?) that support only a fraction of the US population. SF, LA, NYC, etc. which are the big cities do not have 4G.

        • Mike D

          Dallas, TX is such a small city… #5 market – how convenient to exclude. I am in Dallas and loving 4G on my Overdrive already. Houston is also hot with 4g. CHI is hot, NYC is coming soon most likely. Sprint is also pretty lax with their 5G cap (on 3G)


      • Jimjim

        @Zack44, You are incorrect about Sprint allowing work discounts on the Unlimited Simply Everything Plans. Neither Sprint not Verizon allow any kind of work discounts anymore on their unlimited plans.

    • mc9887

      do the math I'm a sprint user I have the everything data plan 4 phones for $156.00 unlimited mobile to mobile, unlimited text messaging and unlimited data on all phone plus 1500 anytime minutes for landlines. How would Verizon charge a plan like this close to $300.00

      • JohnN1980

        with due respect, please read my comparison more closely. it is a dead on comparison of 2 completely unlimited phones with unlimited talk (land and mobile), unlimited text, and unlimited data with the MiFi capability if you buy the Evo for Sprint and Palm Pre Plus for Verizon. I am comparing 2 unlimited phones (which is one of my lines currently w Sprint) not one unlimited from Verizon and one 450 min land/unlimited mobile Sprint. Your comparison is only half accurate. The Sprint plan you are referring to does give you unlimited minutes but it is ONLY MOBILE TO MOBILE and 450 min to land lines.

    • Marsha

      Why would anyone want the "piece of garbage" Palm Pre Plus just for free hotspot? I'd rather be happy with my phone and pay the extra versus being stuck with that phone. Verizon is not all you make it out to be. They have been ripping people off for years with their prices!!!

      • JohnN1980

        sorry, don't have Verizon or the Palm Pre Plus so can't really reply. I am merely doing a mathematical exercise to show that Sprint is gouging us loyal customers.

    • Mike D

      Been a Sprint customer for almost 10 years. Haven't had any coverage problems that AT&T & VZ customers wouldn't also suffer. (middle of nowhere…) Covers what I need without the add-on charges. My wife has bounced providers for various reasons and continues to come back to Sprint – perhaps it's all just marketing? If a provider makes you happy with it's combination of service, features, cost & devices – that's great!

      Everybody has their provider of choice, for whatever reasons. As far as I'm concerned, all of the majors have crappy customer service. (BTW, I have VZ FiOS at home, so I also have all the VZ hotspots – heh)

      JohnN – you're as much of a fanboy as those you're accusing. The plans from the majors don't compare straight across the board like you're claiming. Have a great day in your world!

    • mario

      Hmmm….does Verizon have 4G?…No?…
      Yes they are charging more for this new service but I'd still take it over other carriers.
      Remember, Sprint has free cell to any cell. That means you only have to get unlimited data with a minute plan. Look more carefully because its not a 'fanboy' kind of thing.

    • BigTime

      JohnN with all due respect sir… YOU ARE A F****** RETARD, AND SIMPLY A SIMPLE MINDED IGNORANT DUMB F*** like i had stated above

      4 lines INSURANCE ON ALL 1500 minutes, everything else unlimited

      Total due


    • JimJim

      I've been shopping around for the best deal, after being out of Sprint's 2 year contract. Despite the rants of others who are definitely less informed, your comparison is right on the money. Sprint's truly Unlimited plans (~$99-$89 per line) have gone through the roof, when compared with Verizon's, which used to be the expensive one. Just like the salesman at the Sprint store was telling me today, everybody seems to consider the 450 minute ($69.99) 1500 minute ($129.99) Any Mobile, Any Time Sprint plans to be "Unlimited", when they are obviously limited on calling time, unless most, if not all of your calls are to other mobile phones. Verizon ends up having a better deal with their $70 unlimited plan due to the selecting of services individually, as you showed in your comparison.
      So, I think John's comparison is dead-on and well-informed, I've ended up doing the same comparison myself. In fact, I already ended up getting my dad a line with the $70 unlimited talk plan from verizon, since he only uses his phone to make calls & doesn't need texting (+$5) or data (+$30). Now I just have to decide if the amazing EVO is going to be worth the extra money I'll end up paying each month for myself, based on my own needs.
      Also, earlier when I was considering getting two lines, with one line having a smartphone & data, Verizon came out cheaper with the Droid Incredible on one line with data, and the other line a regular phone, both lines on the Verizon's 700 minute ($69) shared plan without texting & no insurance, monthly was about $100. As oppose to $129.99 for Sprint's 1500 minutes, which is the cheapest shared plan with data, not mention $10 on top of that since I want the EVO. Sprint's bundling of calling, data, & texts is sort of giving them a disadvantage, I think.

      • dave

        verizon sucks, can you hear me now? its a 4g phone….does verizon have a 4g network? it has wireless capabilities so starbucks is free as is 80% of the other places that provide hotspots as long as you have data in your plan. i have 2evos comming(using 2 blackberries now) and a palm pixi 1500 minutes(nights start at 7pm) unlimited internet(data) and text,email etc,etc….172 after taxes …not knowing how to use a device can be costly. its not a netbook you dont need hotspot svc. its part of the data plan.

    • lala

      but if you had any other phone you'd pay $100 to have what you have for $120. so in the end who's got a better deal? dont get me wrong i love sprint and understand that they are using the evo as a way to charge ridiculous money from people but they really do have the best plans.

    • heyitstval


      I will say I admire your intensity. I will also admit that your comparison is correct, that your unlimited plans are the only truly unlimited plans offered by the networks. However, you need to keep this in mind:

      1. The $99.99 plan from Sprint is the more expensive unlimited plan. Most consumers (myself included) will only get the $69.99 plan, because we never call landlines. Seriously, most calls are to mobiles. And if I made more calls to landlines, I'd up it to $79.99 for 900 landline minutes. Heck, to compare a family plan, I can get 3000 landline minutes + UNLIMITED EVERYTHING ELSE for $139.99. But, I digress. The plan that MOST people would use for unlimited is the $69.99. Because nobody calls landlines. I may call my house every now and again, but not for 450 minutes a month. So, the 450 minute restriction is there, but not really relevant to most consumers.

      That being said,

      2. Your texting (that you pay a ridiculous $20.00/mo for) is NOT unlimited. It is 5000 texts plus unlimited m2m. So basically, the same principle as Sprint's unlimited m2m plus 450 landline minutes applies. Verizon texting is NOT unlimited. Sprint is.

      And finally,

      3. You are bashing Sprint customers for paying $29.99/mo for HotSpot. I have to agree with you, I think that is ridiculous. But, you also claim that Verizon offers it free – but that's even limited to the sucky Palm Pre Plus. If you are going to try and say that the Palm Pre Plus is the way to go because MiFi is included and the Evo 4G costs extra, you're an idiot. Every android phone that gets Android 2.2 (in the next month or so) is going to have MiFi as a built-in OS feature. With 8 simultaneous users. And no data cap.

      So, to recap:

      Sprint's $70 plan is better than Verizon's $120 plan (comparable, because although Sprint's minutes aren't unlimited, neither are Verizon's texts).

      Sprint charges $29.99 for MiFi, but that's going away for Evo. Verizon doesn't let you use MiFi (except on the *ahem* Palm Pre Plus)

      You're going to end up paying about $110 on Sprint vs $120 on Verizon for similar features. But, when Android 2.2 comes out, you'll pay $80 on Sprint and $120 on Verizon.

      Oh, and did I mention Verizon doesn't have 4G? I can't wait to see their "Premium Data" charges are. Probably not $10/mo, I can assure you.

    • Mark

      Umm…intelligent? I will be getting 2 Evos with 2 lines 1400 minutes everything else unlimited with 20% discount because of my employer honored by sprint. 120ish and that is for two lines..SMILE "buy " all means go spend your money on Verizon and I will roam their towers with Unlimited roaming too… 🙂

  • John

    The $30 tethering fee is not really cheaper than a broad band card if you think about it. The Overdrive allows you to support 5 computers full time. The EVO has tethering capabilities but CAN NOT TALK and Transfer DATA at the same time. When you are using the EVO as a "hotspot", you can NOT use it as a phone so if you really think about it… you're paying $140.00/mo + taxes and fees for a broadband card. ($99.99/mo Simply Everything Plan + $10 EVO FEE + $30 "hotspot" fee = $140/mo) Verizon provides this hotspot capability on the Palm Pre Plus (supports up to 5 computers) for FREE. Their plan is actually $20/mo cheaper than sprint.
    $69.99 Unlimited Talk to land or mobile + $20 Unlimited Text Messaging + $30 Unlimited Data Plan = $120/mo

    Either way folks, we are all SPRINT customers here on this board. We all want the EVO. We ARE all on the same team. We should be focusing our anger at Sprint for gouging us not directing it at each other with statements like "deal with it", etc… We are having an academic and ethical discussion/debate on the ethical or unethical behavior of Sprint in gouging us loyal Sprint customers. Let's stay focused and fight for our rights not for corporate greed.

    • Guest

      ON 4g you can use web and voice at the same time they even demostrated it at the may 12th event
      Just top clear things up

    • dave

      its a 4g phone and sprint has the only 4g network.

  • June4thChangedMyLife

    In for 2 at Best Buy on the 13th. I wasn't the first, but I was the 2nd and 3rd. My wife and I have been suffering with the original Instincts for two years now–we bought into Sprint's marketing hype for that phone. Our bad. I jumped on the Pre on launch day and had nothing but problems with it so I returned to my Instinct within my 30-day window and have been sitting idle waiting for a true iPhone-like phone to drop on Sprint. Patience has paid off, my friends. There's a new kid coming to town, iPhone, and he's a monster–better hide your lunch money….

  • animal

    Guys and Gals… we "are" all Sprint folks here. If you dig deep and think hard about it, how many of us call someone on a landline anymore?? I know I rarely do (no one in fact except my dad) So were looking at this: $69.95 Any Mobile, Any Time – $30.00 Mobile HotSpot – $10.00 EVO Premium. That totals $110.00 month for unlimited everything (mobile) and 450 landline minutes. Sounds like a great deal to me since i'm not going to be changing carriers and can't anyway if I want my EVO!!!!

    • JohnN1980

      so for $10, (Verizon $120 for truly unlimited talk/data/text vs. Sprint $110 Unlimited data/text but 450 min land/ unlimited mobile to mobile) is a good cost analysis? you would get unlimited land lines as well with Verizon (which incidentally is the NUMBER ONE cellular company in the country by far) with the most comprehensive network is not worth it? food for thought.

      • guest

        Verizon sucks they charge you a extra 30 to 45 dollars a month for data on a smartphone
        Food For Thought?

    • dave

      verizon sucks

      • dave

        can you hear me now?

  • nike

    Do you have to purchase the $30 hotspot service fee for the EVO? Why would you ned i when public places offer fre intenet?

    • dave

      it has 802 and web service why do you need a hotspot?? its not a net book its a phone, a very very advanced phone but still a phone.

  • mike

    so wait can i get the 199 if im not due for an update but extend contract?

    • Vdm

      no, my understanding is you need to be at a time when you are eligible or be a new subscriber. But go to the PCS website and check because now if you have been with them or have a certain plan you can upgrade every year instead of every two.

    • JohnN1980

      nope. only if you're due for an upgrade.

    • John

      Must be eligble for the upgrade


    What are you talking about 40 more than verizon you are crazy for 140 on sprint you can get two smartphones with unlimited data, texting, and 1500 minutes and unlimited calling to any mobile number on verizon it will be 120 for 1400 minutes and unlimited texting and unlimited verizon to verizon calls. BUT WAIT for smartphones with unlimited data on verizon that another $45 PER PHONE!! so now your looking at 2 HTC EVO on sprint $156 (with taxes) and 2 motorola droids on verizon for $225 (With taxes) and guess what on sprint you get even a extra 100 minutes. SO VERIZON can Suck it im leaving there ass for this phone on JUNE 4th 2010.

    • dave

      verizon sucks. and thats that. can you hear me now?

    • dave

      verizon sucks, can you hear me now? its a 4g phone….does verizon have a 4g network? it has wireless capabilities so starbucks is free as is 80% of the other places that provide hotspots as long as you have data in your plan. i have 2evos comming(using 2 blackberries now) and a palm pixi 1500 minutes unlimited internet(data) and text,email etc,etc….172 after taxes …not knowing how to use a device can be costly. its not a netbook you dont need hotspot svc. its part of the data plan.

    • Mark

      Thank you Guest THANK YOU…this is what I have been saying. I have been with TMo for over a decade of dropped calls and nothing in my house. I'm ready to spend the same AND have data compared to my current TMo bill with no Data and drops. TMo customer service ROCKS I must ad

      • Felix

        Wow I second you on this.. I already left verizon and currently on Sprint's 30 day money back guarentee,, and they still are letting me get the phone for $199, I was paying over $130 for one line with all the goodies with employee discount with verizon, and now im paying just 79.99 with everything out of 99.99 with 20% discount with sprint.. Sprint will definetly be keeping me for years to long as they dont screw people over like verizon loves to do.. i hate verizon.. customer service ..everything sucks.. they even took 1 month to credit a 2.99 app from the market place for android.. greedy

  • BOOM

    $69.99 everything data+$10 for premium+$29.99 mobile hotspot for 8 devices, any mobile any time (unlimited), unlimited text, 450 landline minutes ( I used up 17 landline minutes last month, and 12 minutes the month before that…..) SIMULTANEOUS VOICE AND DATA (JohnN198), everything you want in a phone. $109.99/month……does it get any better that?

  • Matt

    Haha. You know what's funny? Y'all sound so defensive when this john guy just tried to help with a comparison. Granted, he's sounds a little jaded. But, aren't we all?
    Let's look at a few fun issues that I've personally run into:
    1. I have Verizon Fios for TV, Internet, Home (Fax) phone so I thought that I would get a discount if I switched over to them for a better phone about the first of June. – Wrong. No discounts for bundling cell services. They tell you they will, but there's no difference.
    2. My family has the Verizon Hotspot card. They used up all the 4 or 5 gigabytes that they give you in about 13 days. Verizon just had to eat a 18,000 dollar bill that some random dude accidentally ran up on overage charges so they're not gonna take that bad press again. They just let you sit without coverage till your month is up. – FAIL
    3. Sprint's 4G coverage is cool. I happen to live in Dallas and most of the areas that I hang around in have 4G.
    4. Even though my wife and I will probably both be getting the new EVO, My phone will be the only one that needs to get the hotspot deal.
    5. There doesn't seem to be any reason to get the "simply everything" anymore because nobody calls landlines. I know I don't and neither does my wife. Seems as if the 109 per month is at the very least pretty close to other folks.
    6. I think it's funny how Verizon touts its network as the most expansive with the most towers. That may be the case in some areas, but how many times do you go spend days in those places? Once a year at most? I have actually had more coverage in some places on my Sprint phone than my wife had on her Verizon phone (same device model). Bottom line is, they all pay to use each others' towers. If you go to a website that shows you who owns what tower and where they are located in your city, Verizon doesn't own a single tower in the Dallas area. They're mostly AT&T and Sprint.
    I'm not gonna get mad if somebody refutes some things in my post. Isn't that the purpose? To get free feedback? My comment is worth exactly how much you paid for it.
    Have a good day.

  • MikeJ

    F*ck Verizon. They overcharge for everything. I'm switching to sprint and getting a sweet phone for a descent monthly price.

  • aman

    guys Evo will work with $69.99 +$10 plan as it will include unlimited min for mobile to mobile and on any mobile an it has 450 min to call on landlines. land line calling is not unlimited and when you call your phone should not be in roaming to use unlimited any-mobile option.. I agree has cheaper plans but the services are terrible once you wil use sprint you will know the services of sprint….I suggest you to not to join sprint.

    • mario

      I haven't had any service problems with Sprint.
      I know everyone says this is a problem but I think they've made strides to improve in that area.
      I'll stick with Sprint. ATT never gave me what Sprint does and Verizon overcharges for the same benefits.

  • avengence

    Sprint by far has the cheapest plans out there. I priced out verizon and it was 180 for 2 lines with 1500 minutes, unlimited web, unlimited text. Sprint is 130 for 1500 minutes, unlimited web and unlimited text for both lines. Plus I get a better discount on sprint so the plan is only 100 dollars for both lines.

    I am going to go pre order this phone today but I am switching from ATT to sprint so im not sure how it will go.

  • Gussie

    i have stuck with sprint for 8 years, and i haven't regret it. In this time i have turned a good portion, family and friends to sprint. THEY ALL LOVE THE SERVICE. From pricing to content to speed to reliability. I AM SO PSYCHED i want this phone. Can't wait!

  • Felix

    I want to phone as well.. i tried to preorder today.. all best buys are out! so be aware.. im stuck with the rebate.. so ill be paying $299.99

  • Leigh

    I keep seeing people saying it is cheaper to order the EVO online and that way there is no activation fee etc.
    How does that work? If we already have phoned that are activated with our phone numbers, how do we swap over our info and phone numbers from our present phones to our new EVO's assuming we both get them after all? That is bewildering me. My husband swears we have to go into a store and have them do it but I don't have much faith in that assumption. If we did that the store would charge us an activation fee? We can order them online and get the discounts still as well as activate them ourselves right? how?

  • Fred


    HTC EVO 4G for $380usd
    iPhone 4G for $400usd
    HTC Desire for $360usd
    Dell Streak for $340usd
    Samsung Galaxy S for $350usd
    Google Nexus One for $330usd
    Apple Ipad 3G 64GB for $400usd

    HTC EVO 4G Specs courtesy of Sprint:

    * 1,500 mAh battery
    * Dual cameras: 8.0 megapixel primary and 1.3 megapixel front-facing (Ed note: Skype video calls in the future anyone?)
    * Download view, edit, and share HD-quality content directly on the phone (720p)
    * HDMI output for pictures, slide, and video (720p)
    * GPS Navigation (ed note: they’ll probably continue Sprint Navigator, developed by TeleNav)
    * Stereo Bluetooth
    * microSD slot (up to 32 GB)
    * 3.5 mm headset jack and micro USB port
    * Digital compass, proximity/motion sensors
    * Kickstand for media viewing
    * Mobile HDTV
    * Live video sharing with Qik (pre-installed Android app)
    * Sprint apps like Sprint TV, NASCAR, and more
    * Google mobile experience apps like YouTube, Gmail, Google Voice, Google Maps, etc.

    IF INTERESTED CONTACT US: [email protected]

    We offer prompt shipping from our Store, The product will arrive at your destination within 2 or 3 Days Via UPS/FedEx Courier Services.


  • eka

    thanks for sharing. nice info :p

  • geesh im beginning to wonder if sprint is one big scam artist cause everyone i talk to pays something different for the same services i mean im sorry but the fees for each service should be the same for everyone none of this pick and choose throw in hidden fees bs

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