Rogers Wireless Prices Acer Liquid E and Motorola QUENCH

Acer Liquid e and Motorola QUENCH screenshot from

A recent screenshot of Rogers webpage taken by shows us the prices of the Acer Liquid E and the Motorola Quench with and without a new 3 year plan.  The Liquid E features a Snapdragon processor underclocked to 768 MHz and will ship with Android 2.1.  It will set you back just $79.99 with a new contract.  Not too bad.  The Quench has a MSM7200A running at 528 MHz and is stuck back on Android 1.5 with Motoblur. The Quench is a bit cheaper at only $49.99 with a new contract.  I think there is no question about it,  the Liquid E is a better deal here.  Good to see though that we have a price.

Source: Mobile Syrup

  • Interesting pricing strategy by Rogers. The X10 just recently got released on 1.6 and now the Acer liquid which will sport 2.1 will be coming out making it the most updated Android device on Rogers' roster. The price of $79.99 would (in my opinion) be to entice all those looking to get the latest 2.1 update at an affordable price (without having to go out and get a Nexus one – superior phone at a premium price) and possibly renew/extend their contracts by 3 more years.

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