Android 2.2 To Recommend ‘Flash-enabled’ Websites To Users

Engadget is reporting that the latest version of Android — you know, the one with 450 percent performance improvement and  Flash playback — will, upon updating, guide you to visit a selection of Flash-enabled websites.  In my eyes, this is a direct counter by Adobe and Google of Apple’s list of iPad-ready (aka Flash-free) websites (CBS and NBC that means you!).  If they have something like this planned, I have a feeling that Flash 10.1 will not disappoint, it might just be great.  I am also fully confident this will enrage Steve jobs and the folks over at Cupertino.  What do you think about this planned “Flash exhibit ?”  Are you looking forward to Flash on Android?  Let us know in the comments!

Source: Engadget

  • Loren

    Eh, this whole Flash business isn't affecting my Android experience today, and I do a lot of browsing on my phone. Actually I like not having it, means I don't have to wait for Flash ads to load, etc.

    • Ads can be blocked if you root your phone.

      • ray

        I have flash lite on my phone,and it actually runs very well,can't wait for 2.2. if moto ever releases it that is,I'm still stuck on 1.5 and unrootable with a cliq xt. if anyone figures out root for a cliq xt,please email me at msnuser111 at yahoo dot com

  • I think it's cool. It shows that flash can be used properly for touchscreen phones. I already browsed some of the sites and I think we'll see some cool content made available to us.

  • mavs31

    with a well working flash, i games have just multiplied by a million….apple who

  • Jazz

    I'm looking forward to Android Flash PURELY because it will piss of iJobs. Any performance benefit will just be a bonus.

    I hate Steve so much. I will throw a part when he dies.

  • exapted

    This would be pretty funny, were it not for the fact that I am secretly glad the iPhone doesn't support flash, and part of me wishes Android wouldn't support flash either. It's not that I don't think there should be any platform independent web multimedia plugin; it's that I think flash breaks basic web authoring and application conventions and is often used as a kludge. I would rather use other more open (as in open source and/or commoditized) tools for the same functionality that flash provides. At this point, the sort of functionality that flash provides should be a commodity, not a "platform." It wouldn't matter much to me if I couldn't use flash on Android. My satisfaction would outweigh the minor inconvenience.

  • demario

    Flash was promised in 2009 at least the end of the year.Adobe better well darn deliver r Android will fail as opposed to the many comments of the hated Steve jobs. 🙂

    • Ratnok

      Android's success has never been dependent on Flash. Flash is just icing on the cake.

      • Ray

        don't you mean on the yogurt? the release with flash is FroYo,which is short for frozen yogurt.

  • mog not working will definitely disappoint.

    Froyo will bring a wave of mediocre free flash games wrapped in AIR. This may be good for consumers but might not be the case for developers. Have you ever whipped your credit card out to pay for a Flash app/game online? No. I am not sure if all this FREE FREE FREE ZOMG FLASH!!!111 situation is good for Android market place’s already frugal economy.

    • Ratnok

      All that means is that developers will need to stop putting out crap games. Grand Theft Auto and Civilization have nothing to worry about with Flash. People will pay money when developers produce a quality product that they want.

      • Ray

        neither of those examples have android versions.

  • cap

    -1 for Flash on Android.

    1. It's a crap.

    2. Android has much more important features to work on which are really hit the user experience. Like the possibility to call the number which is displayed in text in any application. Or enable the table scroller to work with other languages then English.

    Flash is not must have feature and it will make user experience worse in many cases.

    • Ratnok

      There are millions of users who would disagree with you.

    • jim

      It's Adobe that's working on this feature, not the Android developers.

    • Mo

      @Ratnok : I think you meant 99% people.
      From what I have seen,
      Apple users starts to leave the Apple Bandwagon for two reason :
      Quality is going down big time,
      Liberty of choice (Apple is way too vertical)

  • Jonny

    Okay now don't bash me, I hate jobs, but I bought an ipad and will sell it when a decent android based tablet comes out. I hate flash and am glad that jobs is pushing his stance to get rid of it. I hate all things flash, which as another person said means all kinds of flash ads and browser crashes. On the ipad, video works so well without flash, it is nice to not have to think about the horrors of flash and the slowness of it. I have always hated flash (don't get me wrong, I don't love quicktime either, I hate plugins to view video period, which is why I like the whole html5 concept. And I have a droid rooted that I love to death (I use it to wifi tether to run my ipad when not at home. I think flash is bad for portable devices and bad for the web in general. Flash on my droid isn't going to change the world, hopefully future website design will move away from it and do more mobile friendly sites period.

    This i know, Flash screws up my computer and wrecks my browsing sessions at least twice a week. It never happens on my ipad or my droid so I am all for it's death.

    • Ratnok

      Hate is a pretty strong word.

    • Darren

      I don’t undertsand – you admit to hating Flash but in the last paragraph admit to using it? Never heard of uninstalling Flash or using FlashBlock/Click2Flash? Or maybe you actually do like the capabilities that Flash brought to the web like YouTube, MySpace Music, etc. but hate it now that something else has come along?

    • grrrr

      Flash is like anything else… you can write crap with it that will crash and run poorly, or you can write solid, well thought out AS3 code, drop the BS timeline animations and be a real developer.

      all this 'i hate flash' is so much bandwagon garbage, HTML5 won't be standardized for a good 2-3 more years!
      iJobs did just as perfect a job convincing you that flash is bad as he did convincing you to buy an iPad. Here's hoping he fails with his current idea of convincing everyone to hate google. Otherwise apple will have no competition at all in the mobile space.

  • I think Jobs and apple have every right to take the high road. There's no reason that if adobe gets it right and fixes memory leaks and instability issues Apple would't open to flash overnight and say "they fixed it. We didn't accept mediocrity, and everyone wins."
    I think Jobs is tired of Adobe ruining the computing experience. If Flash gets fixed everyone wins.

    • Ratnok

      Even when Adobe does what you ask, Steve Jobs will not support Flash. Jobs is all about control and they don't control Flash.

    • "The high road"? Really? Someone hasn't been paying attention. Apple's refusal to support Flash has nothing to do with "fixing" Flash. It has *everything* to do with control, and wanting to force developers to make a choice between developing in Apple's sandbox or everyone else's. Jobs would also have you believe that their new (and anti-competitive) rules prohibiting the use of any third-party tools to develop apps for iPhone OS are an effort to "improve the user experience." Both of these stances serve no purpose other than lining the pockets of Jobs and other shareholders at the expense of a competitive marketplace. The FTC and Justice Department are investigating now…it'll be interesting to see how that all comes out.

  • I've upgraded my Hero to a vanilla android rom and I don't miss Flash at all. My browsing experience is a lot better without it. On more powerful phones I guess Flash could be useful but more likely it will be the same as desktop Flash: buggy, annoying and slows down the browsing experience.

  • Mike Leonard

    I hate flash with a passion a better alternative is emerging, HTML 5 google managed to get quake running on it. Why are people obsessed with a technology that hasnt really changed since it first emerged, its slow, cumbersome and in most cases just annoying.

    • Ratnok

      You haven't seen 10.1 yet. And to answer your question- because HTML isn't ready for the masses yet. It also cannot provide a rich multimedia experience outside of video. In a year or 2 the world will demand HTML and similar open technologies. For now, Flash delivers the most content with the most accessibility.

  • RoyalWitCheese

    Wonderful! It's the reason I went with Android and not Apple. Freedom of choice.

    And for all those crying "Oh but HTML5 will be better than Flash" – It may be, and you can bet the the Android platform will support it, right next to Flash.

    • grrrr


  • i can only hope that our android phones will offer an option to turn flash off until needed/wanted, then turn it on selectively the same way we do password saving or location saving websites

  • cools 🙂
    sometimes I want to turn of flash content, expesially flash ads

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