THE ONION: New Google Service Whispers Targeted Ads During Phone Calls

Think things are bad now?  Privacy hounds are going to be up in arms once they see what Google is up to now!  Watch the ‘news’ clip below to see what the future holds for ad-subsidized handsets and content/location aware advertising.

New Google Phone Service Whispers Targeted Ads Directly Into Users’ Ears

  • Craig

    Hahah!! that's hillarious!

  • john

    Hilarious but interesting.. wonder how this plays to people looking for a free calling service.. will people tolerate the ad for a free service or will this be a wast via Google. It will be interesting for short traveler and students who is looking for a cheaper plans. Would this free service push carries to make their plans cheaper? or will it increase the cost of wireless data?

  • reddragon72

    The Onion just keeps the funny fake news rolling. Sad thing is that this was talked about in 2006 with Sprint almost starting it. They were talking about putting an option of free minutes if you listened to a 30sec advertisement every time you used 10min.

  • I love The Onion

  • Solrac924

    Y! Phone in 4 years. LMAO!!!

  • eka

    nice post. thanks for info. i like it :p