ShoutOut App Let’s You Speak Your SMS Messages

If you have ever wanted to be able to use Android’s voice recognition to translate your spoken word to text message, then this is the app for you! Promptu, a software developer for both Android and the iPhone, has developed a speech recognition software application that will tie with Android’s messaging capability to allow you to speak your texts.

In a nutshell, ShoutOUT now lets users address their contacts by voice and listen to incoming texts instead of that boring, old reading them of days gone by.   This latest version includes a notification bubble that pops up whenever a new text arrives.  From there, users can playback and listen to the message, but they can also reply by voice with the tap of a button.

“ShoutOUT is the most accurate speech recognition app for text messaging on Android phones,” said Giuseppe Staffaroni, Promptu’s CEO. “We’re thrilled Verizon has selected ShoutOUT to be one of their featured applications.”

From the developer’s web site:

  • Fast—voice transcription appears within seconds
  • Complete SMS application—includes threaded discussion, thumbnail contacts, full editing features and landscape mode
  • Voice addressing on Droid—speak the name of the person you want to contact
  • Private—automated speech recognition means there’s no-one behind the scenes listening to your messages

ShoutOut is the name of the App, and is only available for those of you on Android 2.0.1, so those of you on 1.6 are kind of out of luck until you get upgraded, (or upgrade yourself via cyanogenmod). Use the barcode below to download the app!

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  1. Nick
    May 18, 19:20 Reply

    Android 2.1+ already has this built-in, am I missing something here?

    • heepie
      May 18, 21:11 Reply

      2.1 has voice recognition but I don't think it can be used to write txt messages etc

  2. Gani
    May 18, 20:16 Reply

    Can`t find URL and can`t find at market :(

      • Ratnok
        May 19, 13:14 Reply

        Handcent SMS has had this feature built-in since last summer. And it's available to 1.6 devices.

      • jeanebeee
        January 04, 04:31 Reply

        it looks like shoutout is making our weekdays complete love ko na c sam ever since ang shoutout ng start whoooooo shoutout is the best among the best

  3. javagotainment
    May 18, 22:58 Reply

    android 2.1 has this already , yes u can reply to text with voice also. u hit the mic app. only shit this does useful is ready out your text

  4. RottenRonnie
    May 19, 01:49 Reply

    like others barcode doesn't work & can't see it in the market :(

  5. eak125
    May 18, 22:13 Reply

    Android versions 2.1 and higher have this built in. The native app works extremely well. No speech app is perfect but i’ve had very positive results with it. N1

  6. Ratnok
    May 19, 13:18 Reply

    Can we get some better reporting here? This is a redundancy. Not only does 2.1 already do this without an app, but Handcent SMS has had this feature built-in to it's popular SMS app since last year. A better article would be "Talk-to-text Deathmatch: Stock Android vs. Handcent SMS vs. ShoutOut! Who's got the best goods? Read and find out!"

  7. Bob
    May 19, 20:12 Reply

    Motorola Droid has this option but HTC Eris does not.

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