Sprint Recommends Apps for Memorial Day Travelers

Sprint is doing their part to make Android handset owners aware of apps that can benefit them come Memorial Day.  If you plan to do any traveling or cooking out, you’ll be wise to check out these recommendations!  Many of you seasoned vets may already be familiar with these titles.  However, if you’re new to the Android family, these make a great starting point.

  • Kayak – Connects you to the popular travel search engine to find deals on airfare or get the perfect hotel. If your flight is canceled, find a new one in a minute, or get on the phone with the airline in seconds.  FREE!
  • TripIt Travel Organizer – Puts all your travel plans right on your phone, no matter where your travel was booked. Forward travel confirmation e-mails to [email protected] to build your itinerary, sync your plans with your calendar, and access your travel info any time right on your phone. FREE!
  • WeatherBug – Easily find out the current local weather, plus hourly and seven-day forecasts for your vacation destination. WeatherBug features live neighborhood weather updates from 8,000 weather stations across the country – including National Weather Service weather alerts, such as tornado warnings. By using integrated GPS, the app can change its forecasting location automatically, so there’s no need to manually enter your new location once you arrive.   FREE!
  • WHERE – Provides useful information about the local area, places to visit, things to do, and opportunities to save money with offers and coupons. Sprint plans to preload WHERE on select new Sprint phones launching in 2010.  FREE!
  • NY Bus & Subway Maps – Delivers quick access to New York MTA subway and bus maps on Android phones. Similar apps are available for public transit options in Boston, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and other cities. FREE!
  • Backpacker’s GPS Trails – Doubles as a portable trip database and personal navigation device for your outdoor travels: hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, trail running, mountaineering, or basic trail navigation. Search by name or park, or select from trails near your current location to find adventures across North America, and use the compass to follow bearings or go to waypoints on the trail. $9.99