Verizon Stops Hiding the Droid Incredible, Shows it in Latest Commercial

Verizon‘s newest commercial for the Droid Incredible has landed online in YouTube fashion.  Taking off from the previous teaser, viewers are starting to learn more about the handset it self.  We like the fact that the carrier actually decided to show the phone, albeit briefly, at the end of the clip.  It’s one thing to talk about how powerful a phone is, it’s another thing to show how sleek it is or that it’s touch-only.

  • JSanders

    I want to trade my Moto Droid for one of these now. I just got it a couple months ago…

  • I know several iPhone4Verizon holdouts that went out and bought an Incredible. So glad they are actually marketing this thing now. Verizon has not had the smartest business practices over the years.

  • frank wright

    It would be nice if you could actually buy one. The wait to 6/8 is killing me.f

  • Old Pirate

    I'm 62 years old and have been using Windows based smart phones and cell phones in general for over 20 years. I can touch type on a full size keyboard at 90 words per minute so going to a touch screen only device like the "Incredible" concerned me a bit.

    I'll never go back to a tactile mobile key board after nearly two weeks with the "Incredible". As soon as Google introduces it's "Pad" of sorts I'm on board as touch typing on a large keyboard returns in a truly mobile unit.

    From my first desktop computer in 1981 that had simply a green screen and a blinking dot to this I still find this whole industry like a big puzzle that is really never put together. I admit I'm a gadget freak even at my age.

  • eka

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