Virgin Media and T-Mobile UK Announce HTC Wildfire

Two major UK operators announced that they will be offering the HTC Wildfire. Both Virgin Media and T-Mobile announced on  Twitter  that they will be offering the phone which has been described as a mix of the HTC Tattoo and Desire. T-Mobile have announced that they will have it from the 14th June (check their “coming soon” page) but Virgin Media have yet to announce a date.

The initial thoughts are that Wildfire may target the lower end of the market and is the first Android phone to feature “App Sharing” which will allow users to share their favourite apps by email and other means.

Have a look at the video below for a quick look at the HTC Wildfire.


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    July 13, 07:25 Reply

    thanks for sharing. nice post. i like it :p

  2. Sky or Virgin Media
    March 22, 20:40 Reply

    Well the HTC Wildfire S Deals assures the UK market that the users would be fulfilling their all needs with the help of it’s features, isn’t sounds great.

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