Download This: 2.1 for Sprint Hero!


No more teases, Sprint Hero owners. No more waiting. 2.1 is here. Get yourself on over to HTC’s site for the download, then head to Sprint and follow the instructions.

One big caveat: installing the update will wipe your phone. Contacts, email, etc. synced with a Google account should be okay, but “you will lose contacts that have not been synced to an email account, text messages that have not been forwarded, saved voicemail messages older than 5 days, voicemails older than 20 days that have not been listened to, and call history. The calendar and email settings will also revert back to factory defaults. Pictures, music, videos and files are stored on your microSD memory card, which should be removed before updating your phone.”


  1. I probably should be aiming this at AndroidGals being the big clueless girl I am, but does this mean I can update to 2.1 on my Hero in the UK on the Orange network?

  2. If you downloaded the Leak that came out around the 14th you don't have to upgrade again, I did a software comparison and they are the same.