Google Storage for Developers

Google has just announced a new Labs service called Google Storage for Developers that provides cloud storage for web and mobile applications. Users will be able to easily manage their data via a web interface. When launched, this paid service should compete with Amazon Web Services. Interested developers can sign up now to be part of a free, limited preview that comes with 100 Gb storage and 300 Gb monthly bandwidth. (We had some trouble getting that form to load earlier, perhaps due to high traffic, though it seems to be up now. Keep trying if you can’t get through initially!)

The most intriguing feature is a RESTful web service that gives developers programmatic control of their data:

“Using this RESTful API, developers can easily connect their applications to fast, reliable storage replicated across several US data centers. The service offers multiple authentication methods, SSL support and convenient access controls for sharing with individuals and groups. It is highly scalable – supporting read-after-write data consistency, objects of hundreds of gigabytes in size per request, and a domain-scoped namespace.”

Developers reading this, let us know in the comments how you might make use of a service like this.

  • Chris

    It sounds like this could be good for creating apps that use OTA syncing.

  • JoeTheCoder

    Data storage is easy, really the need for encrypted transparent SQL storage is what everyone needs and no one seems to get it.

    Sql Azure does not support TDE
    Amazon Oracle AMi seems closer but no clear encrypted examples exists
    And as far as this Google service goes, if I just wanted disk storage I could shop Go-daddy and get 150GB a month for like 5-6bucks and encrypt myself.

    Come on people we can't be expected to move our customers SQL stores to the cloud without an "easy" to use totally encrypted mechanism.


  • eka

    thanks for sharing. nice post. i like it :p

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  • Guest

    Android application now available for GS: