HulloMail 2.2 Goes Live on Android

Today HulloMail announced the launch of its free visual voicemail product for Android devices in the U.S. and U.K. HulloMail 2.2 has the ability to replace the voicemail service that is provided by wireless network operators. When a voicemail is received, HulloMail converts the voicemail to an MP3 file and then emails the file to the user as an attachment. It can then be listened to, saved, and forwarded to others. Pretty neat.  I can see this being very convenient.

Take a look at the video below to see how the app works. It is very cool.  It is definitely going to replace my carrier voicemail.


Source: Phone Scoop

  • andrew

    Try as well.

  • Brian

    Why not just use Google Voice? It's free and does the same thing but also transcribes to text and plays inline in a gmail message.

    • Fitch

      I always have friends on Android that are like "look at this so-and-so voicemail!!" and I say, "Google Voice lets you use your own number with voicemail, plus it saves and transcribes them" and they're like, "I didn't know that!"

    • Steven

      Unfortunately this Google service is not available in the UK, and due to the telecom ecomonic model employed in the UK and most of the rest of the world it probably never will.

      I recently changing mobile telecoms provider (without properly reading the small print) and found to my disappointment that I would be charged £0.20pm to access my their useless voicemail service, I then found Hullomail which is totally free, it saves me a fair bit of cash and I love it!

  • Tom

    Youmail has been doing this for years, not impressed.

  • Dave

    Some of the Google Voice translations can get damn funny–good thing you have the playback option.

  • KojakWeb

    I would love it if I could get Google Voice (I have the invite) but both it and YouMail are only available in the US, leaving HulloMail as the only viable visual voicemail app in the UK. HulloMail have UK (as well as US) phone numbers for their voicemail services, so although you can get charged for the call diverting to the visual voicemail service, given it's a local number, this get's deducted from the monthly call allowance. The only other alternative in the UK is PhoneFusions voicemail app, but they don't seem to have the option of a UK local phone so diverted calls would be charged at international rates.

    Sounds quite complicated, but the upshot of it is, I no longer have to pay £0.20 per minute to access my carrier's voicemail service, so I'm saving money on top of all the other benefits of visual voicemail.

  • hazydave

    Google Voice is still limited… invitation-only (I applied in November, haven't heard a thing from them since).

    Something like this looks pretty nice for Verizon users. Verizon offers a "Visual Voicemail" app, but it requires a $2.50 per-month fee, despite the fact it's likely saving Verizon money (eg, they no longer have to manage traditional voicemail for you).

  • eka

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