Next-Gen Market in the Works? (Rumor)

Android Police reports that they received a tip about upcoming changes in the Android Market, giving some exciting details about some possibilities that could be in the works.

According to their source, Google flew in a focus group from around the country, and asked them about a variety of topics, including social networking integration in the Market, “guru/expert ranks” for certain developers, the ability to follow or favorite certain developers, app recommendations, filters, and the ability for developers to respond to comments. (Android Police has a full run down of what was discussed– click over there for more detail.)

Remember, this is all rumor, so take it or leave it as it comes, but it seems like we have the following possibilities for the Market:

  • Allowing Devs to leave feedback to feedback received
  • Giving rankings to Devs, declaring them experts or the such.
  • A better way to filter Apps, PRAISE THE ANDROID GODS
  • Recommending apps to friends, A LA HTC Wildfire.

Android Police is saying that they have good word that the above WON’T be in the next update of the Market, but could be possibilities for the future.  Here’s to the future then!

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  1. @bruslim
    May 20, 04:11 Reply

    It would be better if they provided an easier way to update the apps, instead of having to click each and every one…

    • jon
      May 20, 04:18 Reply

      They already have screenshots of auto update on apps somewhere

  2. penguinz
    May 20, 04:16 Reply

    Where is the real search, I'm tired of having to have exact spelling.

  3. Beesley
    May 20, 07:08 Reply

    A filer would be nice too, as in "highest rated", or "most downloaded"

  4. rtkii71
    May 20, 13:32 Reply

    The ability to run apps from sd card

  5. kcx
    May 20, 16:29 Reply

    Better filtering is the only important one listed. Better sorting would be good. But to sort by rating, the most important step would be to get people to rate apps with a little more thought. I have read far too many reviews like, "doesn't work, force close, 4 stars". Or, "crashes on my Hero, 1 star", when the developers notes say, "for Droid only". Reviews that only say, "sucks", should be delete. If you can't take the time to say why, or which phone and OS version, don't waste my time.

  6. Martin
    May 20, 23:24 Reply

    Better filtering is great. I would also like to see a bookmark for those not sure if I want it but might come back to moments.

  7. eka
    July 13, 07:15 Reply

    thanks for sharing. nice post. i like it :p

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